Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c

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Question No. 1

Your database runs in NOARCHIVELOG mode.

Whole database backups are taken daily.

A media failure damages data files belonging to the USERS tablespace and the online redo log files.

The hardware that is causing this damage is not repairable.

You issue the SHUTDOWN ABORT command.

Examine these steps:
1. Restore only the damaged files from the whole database backup to a new location.
2. Restore the whole database backup to a new location.
3. Edit the restored initialization parameter file to indicate the new location of the control files.
4. Issue the STARTUP MOUNT command.
5. Issue the STARTUP NOMOUNT command.
6. Issue the RECOVER DATABASE command.
7. Update the control file to reflect the new data file locations by using the ALTER DATABASE
RENAME FILE command.
8. Specify a new location for each affected online log by issuing the command:
9. Open the database in RESETLOGS mode.

Identify the minimum steps required in the correct sequence to recover your database.

Choose the correct option from the given list.
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