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Question No. 1

You work as a Software Developer for ABC Inc. The company uses Visual Studio .NET 2008 as its application development platform. You have recently finished development of an ASP.NET Web application using .NET Framework 3.5. You deploy the application on a test server and enable the debugging. The application is hosted in IIS 6.0 and uses the default authentication.

Integrated Windows authentication is enabled and anonymous access is disabled. You have not got the
administrative rights on the test server. The following configuration is present in the Web.config filE.

<authentication mode="Windows"/>

<identity impersonate="false"/>

<customErrors mode="On"defaultRedirect="GenericError.aspx"/>


<deny users="?"/>


You are required to configure the Web.config file to debug the application from your development
computer. Which of the following configurations will you use in the Web.config file?

Choose the correct option from the given list.
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