interconnecting cisco networking devices part 2

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Question No. 1

You have two routers in your OSPF area 0. Router 1 is connected to Router 2 via its Serial 1 interface, and to your ISP via the Serial 0 interface. Router 1 is an ASBR.

After your assistant configures a default route on Router 1, you discover that whenever either router receives packets destined for networks that are not in the routing tables, it causes traffic loops between the two routers.

To troubleshoot, you execute the show run command on Router 1. Part of the output is shown below:

<output omitted>

IP route serial 1

Router ospf 1

Network area 0

Default-information originate

Which command or set of commands should you execute on Router 1 to stop the looping traffic while maintaining Router 2's ability to send traffic to the Internet?

Choose the correct option from the given list.
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