Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration

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Question No. 1

You dynamically configure a system to concurrently run tasks A1 and A2 using these commands:

# mkdir /cgroup/cpu
# mount –t cgroup –o cpu cpu /cgroup/cpu
# mkdir /cgroup/cpu/A1
# mkdir /cgroup/cpu/A2
# echo 5 > /cgroup/cpu/A1/cpu.shares
# echo 5 > /cgroup/cpu/A2/cpu.shares
# mkdir /cgroup/cpuacct
# mount –t cgroup –o cpuacct cpuacct /cgroup/cpuacct

You want to generate a /etc/cgconfig.conf configuration fail that contains the current cgroup
configuration on the system.

Which command would you use? 

Choose the correct option from the given list.
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