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Question No. 1


Please read this scenario prior to answering the Question
You are serving as the Lead Architect for an Enterprise Architecture project team within a multinational oil and gas corporation. It is organized into two major business groupings:
- Upstream operations which include exploration for crude oil and natural gas and operating the infrastructure
necessary to deliver oil and gas to the market
- Downstream operations which include the manufacturing, distribution and marketing activities for oil products
and chemicals

Safety is a priority for the company, with the aim to ensure it causes zero harm to people and the environment. The company has to satisfy the regulatory requirements of each of the countries it operates in.

The downstream business generates a third of the company’s profits worldwide and includes more than 30,000 petrol stations and various oil refineries. In some countries it also includes oil refining, a retail petrol station network, lubricants manufacture and marketing, industrial fuel and lubricants sales. The practice for the downstream business has been to operate locally, managed by local “operating companies”.

The Governing Board is concerned about the risk posed by operating in this complex global environment with a large part of the downstream business represented by local operating companies. As a result, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has appointed a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) to be responsible for overseeing and managing compliance issues for the corporation. The CCO reports directly to the CEO.

The CCO has approved the expenditure of resources to establish an Enterprise Architecture program, and has mandated the use of the TOGAF standard as the framework. He has requested to be informed about the status of downstream operations that could impact regulatory compliance. He also wants the corporate legal staff and auditors to analyze all proposed new downstream operations to ensure that they are within the legal guidelines for each country. In addition, the local operating companies should be able to see that the architecture is appropriate for their needs.

The architecture project team has worked with the sponsor to complete a detailed Request for Architecture Work providing the high level project description. As the project commences the next phase, the necessary approvals from corporate and line management have been received.

Refer to the Scenario

You have been asked to recommend an approach that would enable the development of an architecture that addresses the needs of the Chief Compliance Officer, legal staff, auditors and the local operating companies.
Based on the TOGAF standard, Version 9.2, which of the following is the best answer?
Choose the correct option from the given list.
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