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Zend Certified PHP Engineer

Zend Certified PHP Engineer

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Zend is a Minneapolis-based software company owned by Perforce software developers. Products from the company, including Zend Studio, are used to develop, implement and manage PHP web-based applications for software developers. Founded in 1999, Perforce acquired Rogue Wave Software, Zend's parent company. The company was bought in 2019. Zend Technologies, together with the Israel Institute of Technology, was founded by Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski, who further developed PHP following its inaugural production by Rasmus Lerdorf, along with other Israeli graduates of technology. Zend is a combination of the forenames Zeev and Andi, of Suraski and Gutmans. The PHP-FI parser, initially written from Lerdorf, was reproduced by Gutmans and Suraski in 1997. The result was PHP 3. The parser was redesigned entirely in 1998 and named the Zend Engine. The first release of the Zend Engine is based on PHP 4.

In 1999, Zend Technologies was formally founded and received initial funding from Platinum Neurone Ventures and Walden Israel. Managing Director Doron Gerstel was appointed as CEO to lead the company. Zend raised $20 million in D-series funding in August 2006. After serving as Vice President of Research and Development in the company in February 2009, Zent's co-founder Andi Gutmans was appointed CEO. Zend also recruited Mark Burton as executive chairman for MySQL, who previously served as EVP for global sales. Louisville, the developer of Colorado software Rogue Wave Software, acquired Zend in October 2015. In February 2016, Andi Gutms, a co-founder, left the company. Minneapolis, Minnesota-based software developing company Perforce acquired Rogue Wave Software in January 2019. In April, the Zend Framework of Perforce was expanded to the Linux Foundation as a separate project and renamed Laminas. Zend branded products are designed to support the development of applications by PHP developers. Zend Server, Zend Studio, and Zend Guard and related certification tests include products such as Zend Server.

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