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Cisco and Dell EMC created VCE (Virtual Computing Environment Company) with investments from VMware and Intel to provide Vblock TMInfrastructure Platforms that reduce IT costs and uncertainties while serving mission-critical application needs.

The Victorian Certificate of Education is awarded to most students in Victoria after completing high school (VCE). Following the VCE, there are several options for further study or training at a university or TAFE, as well as jobs. The Victorian Certificate of Education (often abbreviated VCE) is a diploma awarded to high school students in Victoria, Australia, who complete years 11 and 12. For students interested in pursuing tertiary education, the VCE is the most common choice. The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learnings (VCAL) is a vocationally based senior high school diploma equivalent to the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

The VCE is typically completed in two years, although it can be spread out over a more extended period in some cases. It is possible to complete the VCE without taking the end-of-year exams. The VCE was created as a pilot project in 1987. The Higher School Certificate (HSC) was abolished in 1992. The VCE allows students to complete units satisfactorily without being scored on performance levels in any graded tests (two graded assessment scores are required to achieve a study score). Victoria's most influential senior secondary certificate is the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). It is a vital step in the path to tertiary study and work that honors high school completion. 

A VCE program comprises many VCE studies (or subjects), the majority of which are four units long and can be completed in two years (a unit represents one semester or half a year of work). 

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