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TIBCO Software is the world's biggest independent provider of infrastructure software that enables event-driven businesses on-premise and in the cloud. It was established in 1997. TIBCO offers ground-breaking software-enabled real-time and human-free communication in the financial markets. TIBCO has changed throughout time, allowing it to keep up with the newest technological breakthroughs in the industry while also increasing income and assets. Vista Equity Partners bought TIBCO in 2014 and has supported in business efforts since then. Since the acquisition, TIBCO has grown and prospered, acquiring and integrating various technology platforms and companies and increasing its philanthropic initiatives. It has headquarters in Palo Alto, California. The company's infrastructure software works on real-time communication for business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and business-to-employee data transfers, including communication between incompatible software. The company sells middleware that allows customers to access real-time data from numerous systems while also anticipating their needs.  The software is used in the personalized product suggestions on Amazon.com and the FedEx delivery tracking system. Customers can also receive unique offers based on their surfing patterns according to the software's feedback.


TIBCO ActiveSpaces is an in-memory system-of-record datastore. It saves, retrieves, and queries data contained in tables and distributes real-time updates to that data. TIBCO BusinessEvents is complex event processing (CEP) software that correlates massive amounts of data with external events and applies rules to identify circumstances that demand a reaction throughout a business. TIBCO Data Virtualization software orchestrates access to many data sources. TIBCO LogLogic collects logs and events from network devices, servers, databases, operating systems, and applications. TIBCO MDM is a master data management solution for syncing company data with IT transactional systems and harmonizing company data across numerous business units, departments, and partners. TIBCO MFT is a managed file transfer solution for transferring data and files securely. TIBCO Spotfire is a data analytics and business intelligence tool that uses predictive and complicated statistics to analyze data. TIBCO tibbr is a social media platform for businesses.

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