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Symantec Endpoint Protection from Broadcom Inc. is a security software kit that provides anti-malware, intrusion prevention, and firewall capabilities for server and notebook computers. It has the highest market share of any endpoint security feature. Symantec Endpoint Protection is a security suite that provides features such as intrusion detection, firewall, and antimalware.  Endpoint Security also has several functionalities that are characteristic of data loss prevention applications. It's usually set up on a server that runs Windows, Linux, or macOS.  As of 2018, Version 14 is the only version that is still supported. Web Security Service (WSS) from Symantec is an essential line of protection against today's cyber attacks. It offers protected web services, allows businesses to manage access, defends consumers from attacks, and safeguards confidential data. 

Symantec cloud is a management tool that enables organizations to more efficiently handle, track, and secure their enterprise information infrastructure. Symantec Endpoint Security includes antivirus and antimalware, a firewall and intrusion prevention component, host integrity management, external media control, system control, network access control, and website browsing protection. Symantec Endpoint Security employs a layered approach to defend against identified and suspected attacks. The all-encompassing strategy safeguards the network before and after an attack. Symantec Endpoint Protection lowers the chance of being exposed by giving you the resources you need to improve your security posture before an attack. Symantec Endpoint Protection uses a systemic prevention approach covering the stages of incursion, contamination, infestation, and exfiltration and remediation, and injection to safeguard the atmosphere in the attack chain.

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