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Core-Spring (Based on Spring 3.2)

Core-Spring (Based on Spring 3.2)

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SpringSource (currently known as Spring) was founded by the creators of the Spring Framework (a programming style for enterprise Java applications) to maintain and develop the framework and related projects. SpringSource was founded in 2008 as Interface 21 but was renamed in 2008 to better reflect its main business. Over time, most Spring developers became full-time employees of the company, which relied on training and consulting to fund its operations. Spring itself is open source and is freely available to all. The company was then renamed Spring. G2One (the firm behind Groovy and Grails), Hyperic (which developed a solution for monitoring Java applications and their environment), and Cloud Foundry  (a Platform as a Service provider) were among the other acquisitions by SpringSource. As a result, SpringSource acquired some of the top developers and committers of Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTP Server, Hyperic, Apache Groovy, and Grails open source communities. SpringSource took part in the Java Community Process.

 Spring and Grails, the company's application frameworks, were not the only thing it supported. It could now provide a software suite that covers all three stages of the enterprise Java application life cycle: build, run, and manage. SpringSource developed two commercial server packages for Spring developers. For deployment and management, tc Server is a commercial version of Tomcat that is integrated with Hyperic. dm Server was a commercially unsuccessful OSGi-based server. It was donated to the Eclipse Foundation as the Virgo project after millions of dollars were spent on development with no results. Both servers included a variety of customer support features. Through its educational services section: the SpringSource University and a number of partner training providers, SpringSource University now offers training for the Spring framework, Apache Tomcat, tc Server, and Groovy/Grails.

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