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The Society of Financial Examiners (SOFE) is a society of examination professionals of banks, insurance companies, credit unions, and savings and loans. It is a membership body with over 1700 members in 50 states, Aruba and Netherlands Antilles, and the District of Columbia. Financial examiners of insurance companies, credit unions, savings and loans, and banking institutions come together to exchange information and training on a formal and informal level. The Society of Financial Examiners is ruled by a 50 person Board of Governors, the State Chairs, the Executive Committee, and other staff. The Governor Board meets twice a year, the Executive Committee meets quarterly, and the State Chairs conduct the state chapter meetings separately at different times; however, they meet as a group annually.  Established in 1973 and headquartered in North Carolina, United States, the Society of Financial Examiners was formed to make a strict code of professional standards for members participating within the examination of monetary institutions, to market uniform ethical standards that will give rise to a staff member and customer trust to the extent that those concerned can identify highly skilled practitioners, and to promote and enforce the minimum requirement of conduct, training and expert knowledge of members engaged in the financial test. 

Along with education and training, SOFE has also provided certifications for individuals to test and validate qualified professionals financial examiners. Not all employers require this credential, but many hire a job candidate only if they have SOFE certifications. The Society of Financial Examiners offers three professional designations. Individuals can receive these three credentials by completing the extensive requirements, such as successfully completing a series of examinations administered by the Society. These three certifications are the Accredited Financial Examiner (AFE), Certified Financial Examiner (CFE), and Automated Examination Specialist (AES).

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