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The Six Sigma Certification Program validates experts' knowledge and skills in identifying errors and risks in different business processes and eliminating them. Motorola, Inc. developed the Six Sigma quality-control methodology in 1986. A data-driven review is used in this methodology to limit mistakes or faults in a corporate or commercial process. Six Sigma focuses on improving cycle times while lowering manufacturing faults to less than 3.4 occurrences per million units or events. To put it another way, the system is a mechanism for working faster and with fewer errors. Six Sigma takes a six-standard deviation event from the mean for a mistake to occur. Six Sigma has evolved into a more broad business-management philosophy in recent years, focusing on meeting customer needs and enhancing customer retention. It also focuses on developing and maintaining business products and services. Six Sigma is a methodology that may be applied to any industry. Many companies, including Motorola, provide Six Sigma training with particular certificates such as yellow belt, green belt, and black belt.

Six Sigma is a quality management strategy that relies on statistically improving business processes. It promotes qualitative success measurements over qualitative indicators. As a result, Six Sigma practitioners are those in the business world who use statistics, financial analysis, and project management to improve their company's functionality. Six Sigma has become a catch-all term for various concepts in the business world, and it can be perplexing at times. It is, first and foremost, a statistical benchmark. A business process is considered efficient if it creates less than 3.4 errors per million chances. Anything created that does not meet the expectations of the customer is referred to as a fault. Six Sigma is a training and certification program that teaches the fundamentals of the Six Sigma methodology. Six Sigma certification belt levels ranging from white belt to black belt for practitioners. Finally, it's a mindset that encourages the concept of measuring and optimizing all company operations.

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