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Professional Scrum Master I

Professional Scrum Master I

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The International Scrum Institute is a leading independent training, certification, and acknowledgment institution that enables companies and professionals to be accredited and proven with internationally renowned and recognized Scrum Certifications. Scrum Institute empowers professionals in Scrum to develop and sell their excellent Agile products and services to its careers and companies worldwide. Scrum Institute's popular Scrum Training serves more than 447,000 visitors. Scrum Institute shares the most critical 'a-ha moments' and software engineering secrets with total transparency within each course. Scrum Institute takes you to a world of true engineering professionals, from hard lessons learned to mental concepts, a pure delivery strategy, shared travel and secrets with many organizations, and building great software without firefighting. Scrum is an open framework for project management. Yet Scrum professionals such as yourselves have no reasonable way to obtain Scrum Certification and prove their Scrum domain skills before the International Scrum Institute was founded for you.

Certified Scrum Professionals had to pay costly charges for other Certified Entities' profitable one-way Scrum Certification Programs. The International Scrum Institute has set out to remove those barriers in developed and emerging markets placed before Certified Scrum professionals by saving them from the unreasonable fees for Scrum Classroom Trainings and Scrum Certification Examinations to certify their knowledge in Scrum. International Scrum Institute certifies a consortium of well-known business and people managers, agile coaches, mentors, expert authorities, and all major industrial entities to 12 important online scrum certification programs. Your Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Team Member, Agile Coach, Scrum Trainer, Scaled Scrum Expert, Java Developer, Scrum Certification, Web Developer, Mobile Application Developer, Agile Scrum Leadership, Kanban-EXP Certified Expert, and Kanban Project Manager Certified (Kanban-PM) Accredited certification programs, by selecting more than 673,700 Scrum practitioners in 143 countries, have proven their worldwide acceptance and reputation.

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