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Red Hat, Inc. is a multinational company of American software that provides companies with open-source software products. Red Hat was founded in 1993 and had its registered offices with other offices worldwide in Raleigh, North Carolina. On 9 July 2019, IBM was made a subsidiary. Red Hat is associated mainly with its Red Hat Enterprise Linux business system. Red Hat also offers Red Hat Virtualization (RHV, a company virtualization product) with the acquisition of JBoss, an open-source middleware provider. Red Hat offers the following services: storage, operating system platforms, middleware, and applications. Red Hat creates and maintains many free software projects and contributes to these projects. It has obtained several proprietary product software codes from corporate combinations and acquisitions and has issued them under open source licenses. Red Hat is the second largest contributor to the Intel version 4.14 of the Linux kernel since March 2016.

IBM announced on 28 October 2018 that it will acquire Red Hat for $34 billion. On 9 July 2019, the acquisition closed. It now operates as a subsidiary of its own. Bob Young joined ACC Corporation in 1983, a catalog company that sold software accessories to Linux and Unix. Marc Ewing started creating his own Linux distribution in 1994. In October, Ewing released the software, which was known as the release of Halloween. Young bought the Ewing company in 1995, and the two merged into Red Hat Software, with Young as CEO. On 11 August 1999, Red Hat made the world's eighth-largest first-day gain in Wall Street history publicly known. In December of that year, Matthew Szulik replaced Bob Young as CEO. Red Hat purchased Cygnus Solutions on 15 November 1999. Free Software was provided commercially by Cygnus, and software maintainers such as the GNU Debugger and the GNU Binutils were housed. The fourth consecutive Red Hat Linux "Operating System Product of the Year" was awarded by InfoWorld in February 2000.

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