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The Python Institute is a non-profit independent project set up by the OpenEDG (Open Education and Development Group). The institute project was set up to promote the programming language of Python, support the professionals in improving their career in Python programming, and train a new generation of Python programmers. The OpenEDG Python Institute provides an independent worldwide framework for Python programming and high-profile exams that align with the strategic goals associated with the improvement and development of the Python career of professionals. As one of the most popular programming languages of the world, Python is adopted by many different industries from finance, gaming, research, health, etc. Therefore, The Python Institution aims to supply each Python programmer, either a professional or a beginner, with the necessary skills to create Python content at a more professional and advanced level by following the best programming practices. 

To accomplish their aim, The Python Institute offers various training courses and certifications at different Python programming levels, from the entry-level to the advanced professional programmer. These online self-study courses are free, just like the Python programming language, free and open source. Additionally, OpenEDG Python Institute also offers vendor-neutral and independent certifications in the Python Programming language. These certifications are provided by cooperating with PearsonVUE, the world’s leader among the testing and certification exam providers. With the expansion of software development, the need for quality programmers, developers, software engineers, data analysts, and testers has also increased tremendously. It is also the reason why certification is becoming essential in most industries. Most employers nowadays use the certification status of a potential employee as a requirement or a screening tool for hire. Through its rigorous certification process, the Python Institute has allowed the highly motivated, dedicated, and hardworking programmers and software developers to get access to the most outstanding jobs with decent salaries in the Python programming field.

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