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Nuage Networks is a venture from Nokia, which has its headquarters located in California, United States. As a part of Nokia, the Nokia Nuage Networks has been developed to solve the problem of using network resources as quickly as IT computing and storage. Nuage Networks was formed of the realization of the common challenges faced by the companies that perform the digital transformation of their business enterprise and rapidly adopt cloud computing across their core IT systems and their remote operations. For these enterprises, their speed of business was increasing rapidly while there were constant changes, thereby increasing the complexity of their Information Technology and wide area networking. As the enterprises used multi-tenant clouds and their branch locations spread widely, Nuage Networks structured its network automation solutions based on software-defined networking (SDN) technologies. This was done to remove old networking issues which were associated with the digital transformation of an enterprise. Furthermore, the use of SDN technologies also helped align the IT and wide-area networking capacity of small-scale business enterprises. 

Nuage Networks had envisioned that companies would want to purchase their networking solutions as a service; therefore, they designed their solutions around a multi-tenanted solid framework. This type of framework would scale with the demands of the largest Service providers as their business expanded. Nuage networks introduced the SDN platform to make their vision a reality by addressing the two critical markets for network automation and virtualization. These two markets were the Wide Area Networking as well as powering the network of the Telco Cloud. Hence, Nuage Networks provides network virtualization and automation, allowing these core service platforms to scale up and scale out to meet millions of subscribers’ demands. Some of the certifications of Nuage Networks are the NNP SD-DC, NNP SD-WAN, NNIS, NNE SD-DC, etc., relating to network virtualization and automation.

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