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Novell, Inc. was a US-based software and networking services enterprise with its headquarters in Provo, Utah. The company was founded in August 1980 and was a significant technology enterprise in the late 1980s and early and mid-1990s. Novell, Inc was George Canova and Jack Davis, who founded the company in Orem, Utah, United States. One of the company’s most successful products was the multi-platform network operating system called Novell NetWare. The software had 63% of the market share for network operating systems and over half a million NetWare-based networks installed worldwide during its peak. The company employed more than 10,150 employees, mainly in the US and abroad, during its peak in 1994. The company was also instrumental in making the Utah Valley a significant place for technology and software development. Apart from its NetWare operating system, some of the other Novell products included Novell GroupWise, Novell Vibe, Novell Open Enterprise Server, and Novell ZENworks. However, due to increasing competition and a complex technology environment, this giant became increasingly weaker in its dominance and faced multiple acquisitions in the late 2000s. 

Attachmate Group bought the company in 2011, and finally, The Attachmate Group, including Novell Networks, was bought by another multinational giant from the United Kingdom called Micro Focus. Micro Focus was a company that mainly dealt with the development of mainframe software solutions. It bought the Attachmate Group, including Novell, for a total sum of 1.2 billion US dollars. The parent company of Novell relabeled its products among the networking services, file systems security products, and collaborations of Micro Focus. Novell products, like Open Enterprise Server, GroupWise, etc., became Micro Focus products and had no mentions with the past of Novell. So, Novell right now exists only as a subsidiary department of Micro Focus; however, some of its certifications like Novell Certified Linux Administrator are still active.

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