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The International Function Point Users Group IFPUG is a US-based organization of metric software analysis users with worldwide chapters. It is a member-led non-profit organization established in 1986. IFPUG owns the ISO 20296 Function Point Analysis (FPA), defining the IFPUG functional measurement (FSM) method as defined by definitions, rules, and steps. The work of Allan Albrecht of IBM can be traced to FPA, who in 1979 was a pioneer in the functional sizing of a product, which is distinct and separate from lines of code, technology, or software. IFPUG has maintained recognized Industry Standards for functional and non-functional size in the Function Point Counting Practices Manual (CPM) and SNAP Assessment Practices Manual. IFPUG offers Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS), Certified Function Practitioner (CFPP), and Certified SNAP Practitioner testing and certification (CSP). The certification shall generally be for three years, although the CFPS has an extensive certification program.

IFPUG provides individual, corporate and national memberships across six continents throughout the world and academia. Some of the membership benefits include the annual ISMA conferences, standard access documents, certification support, white papers, semi-annual production of MetricViews, and training events. Before development, FPA allows organizations to understand the application's functional size. In addition to its cost and schedule parameters, quotation applications can be evaluated using the 'richness' of the functionality. Many national governments have used functional size as a prerequisite for contract bidding. Functional size can also help to determine the required effort once an application has been deployed. The membership of IFPUG, functional and non-functional assets, certified products, and IFPUG partners assists in fulfilling the task of IFPUG: to promote the efficient management of applications software development and maintenance through the use of software product and process metrics. IFPUG hosts the ISMA, as well as periodic educational seminars and workshops. IFPUG also offers a series of conferences.

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