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Extreme Networks is a networking company that develops, manufactures, and sells network infrastructure solutions for wired and wireless networks. The company also makes network administration, policy, monitoring, access control systems, network management, strategy, analytics, surveillance, and access control tools. Extreme Networks provides us with high-performance, dependable, and industry-leading hardware that enables us to support IPv6 while still protecting our massive quantities of data. It has cutting-edge analytic tools that allow administrators to track device use across the network and implement strategies that optimize network capability. This enables IT to enhance the customer experience and also increases its importance to the company. Software-driven systems are easily adaptable to vertical healthcare, education, engineering, government, and hospitality applications. In this respect, Extreme Networks' technologies are well-suited for vertical-specific partners. 

Extreme Networks was founded in 1996 in California, USA, by co-founders Gordon Stitt, Herb Schneider, and Stephen Haddock, with its first offices in Cupertino, then moving to Santa Clara finally to San Jose. Extreme Networks offers a robust software-driven network-access technology suite that is consolidated. It has the latest wireless access points for outdoor and indoor use and a wide range of switches to cover the entire campus, including the data center. It also provides network access and monitoring for management and troubleshooting while lowering operational costs. This platform can also handle network equipment from other manufacturers, allowing IT to extend system longevity by replacing them when they are depreciated. The wired and wireless hardware includes network access control and identity protection. There's no reason to invest in costly applications or hardware that could require extensive reliability checking

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