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Dell EMC (EMC Corporation) is a United States multinational corporation. Dell EMC provides data storage, security of information, virtualization, analytics, cloud computing, and other products and services for the storage, administration, protection, and analysis of information for companies. The target markets of Dell EMC are large companies and SMEs in different vertical markets. In the New York Stock Exchange, the company's stock (as EMC Corporation) was added on April 6, 1986. Forbes noted at that time the focus of EMC on "developing and selling the hardware and software of data storage and management and persuaded its customers to purchase their products independent from their other IT procurement based on best of breeds." Dell acquired EMC in 2016. It was subsequently renamed Dell EMC. For some of its products, Dell uses the EMC name. In 2008, Iomega was acquired by Pre-Dell EMC. In 2013 Dell EMC partnered with LenovoEMC to replace Iomega.

EMC was formed in 1979 by Richard Egan & Roger Marino. EMC's first 64-kilobyte memory panels for the Prime Computer were launched in 1981, and memory panels for other computer types were developed. The company expanded to other data storage types in the mid-1980s and connected storage systems across the memory. In 1990 EMC started to ship its Symmetrix flagship product. The main reason for the rapid growth of EMC in the 1990s, from hundreds of millions of dollars in a company worth to a multi-billion dollar company, was the Symmetrix. In 2009, the EMC signed a two-year agreement to be the main shirt sponsor of a £1 million deal for the English Rugby Union Club London Wasps. It was extended later until the end of 2013. Michael Ruettgers joined EMC in 1988 and served as CEO between 1992 and January 2001. Under the leadership of Ruettgers, EMC sales grew from $120 million to almost $9 billion, which was almost $9 billion 10 years later.

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