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The Association of Professionals in Business Management (APBM)'s goal is to establish business management as a discipline, comparable to law, medicine, engineering, and accounting, through CBM and CABM Certifications, Continuing Education, a Code of Professional Ethics, and Professional Standards based on Best Practices Research. With the CBM and CABM Certifications, APBM's vision is to create a streamlined framework for delivering superior quality higher education in business management in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner to people all over the world. The aim or purpose of APBM is to ensure that a business manager who receives the CBM or CABM credential today is knowledge-competent and ethical in his or her career and that he or she will then apply these core knowledge competencies and ethical principles to tomorrow when he or she becomes a business executive (e.g., CEO) or corporate director. To that end, APBM serves as a unified and common voice for the entire business management community, symbolizing the profession's self-regulation.

The Certified Business Manager (CBM) Exam is a four-part, 16-hour technical certification based on an MBA curriculum. The CBM Designation can be obtained when pursuing your MBA after you have completed your MBA, or if you do not wish to pursue your MBA. In other words, individuals with or without an MBA degree may benefit from the CBM designation. The CBM establishes a shared knowledge base for all business managers in all functional areas working in all industries around the world. The Certified Associate Business Manager (CABM) Exam is a one-part, four-hour technical certification based on a pre-MBA curriculum. Individuals pursuing an MBA degree or a CBM qualification can benefit from the CABM designation. The CABM is suitable for individuals contemplating an MBA or CBM, individuals beginning their careers in a business specialty, or non-business majors who want to pursue careers in business while validating their mastery of business management concepts.

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