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Android Security Essentials

Android Security Essentials

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Android Advanced Training Consultants (Android ATC) offers courses and assessments to certify the abilities of current and prospective employees. The main goal of the Android ATC is to share knowledge of Android development applications all around the world. They want to offer complete and integrated Android IT training for practitioners at various levels. It is located in Dallas, Texas. Their services are available all around the world through Android ATC Authorized Training partners. For several years, a team of Android professionals has been developing and calibrating these training courses for AndroidATC. These courses provide advanced Android application development skills to application developers and IT professionals. Developers can sit for online examinations to become Certified Android Developers by Android ATC after finishing their courses. Pearson VUE accredited testing centers across the world provide their examinations. 

Android ATC has been growing strongly and provides the following certifications to IT professionals:

  • Flutter Certified Application Developer: This certification is essential for your career as a mobile developer. Because it confirms that you have the knowledge to be regarded as an iOS and Android developer, it will increase your potential in the ever-growing mobile development market and propel your development career forward.


  • Android Certified Application Developer: This certification is essential if you want to work as an Android programmer. It will help you advance your development career by increasing your potential in the ever-growing Android industry.


  • Android Certified Application Engineer: Because the Android market encompasses more than just application development, you can advance your career potential and future in the Android market by taking steps to become an Android Certified Application Engineer.


  • Android Certified Trainer: An Android Trainer has mastered the marketable abilities of Android programming and training. Any candidate who passes all exam requirements earns the title of Android Certified Trainer from Android ATC.

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