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Governance and Regulation

Governance and Regulation

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Network Management

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America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) is an American trade association. It is an association of American healthcare companies. It was formed in 2003 when two associations, namely, the Health Insurance Association of America and the American Association of health plans, merged. The Association is located in Washington, D.C, United States, and is mainly a political advocacy organization that aims to influence healthcare decisions in America. AHIP and its members provide for the healthcare of more than one hundred million Americans each day. In this manner, the Association helps improve the health condition of individuals, communities, industries, organizations, and the whole nation. AHIP strongly advocates American communities' health and financial stability by driving market-based solutions and public policy strategies to improve their health and financial security. In America and all over the world, tens of thousands of industry practitioners, institutions, and many other individuals depend on AHIP for research, data gathering, provide first-class advocacy, and on the healthcare environment. 

The Association aims to conquer its vision of improving healthcare and financial security of Americans through promoting the market competition and consumer choice, making the healthcare experiences of individuals more straightforward, making partnerships with all levels of county, state, and federal government, collaborating with various healthcare providers, helping to address the health diseases as well as their social impact, and using technology for improving the efficiency, quality, and satisfaction of healthcare programs. In this regard, AHIP also offers various certifications to healthcare individuals, including medical professionals, enthusiasts, company directors, doctors, etc., to help them become qualified professionals for advocating the healthcare policies in America. These certifications range from dental health to information technology professionals in healthcare. Having AHIP certifications ensures that you are a qualified professional in the American healthcare system, among many other things.

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