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The ACI Financial Markets Association (ACI FMA) represents the interests of professionals from wholesale financial markets. ACI FMA is a leading global trade association. Founded in 1955, ACI FMA aims at improving good practices in the market and helping market participants follow ethical principles. The first industrial Code of Conduct on OTc FX and related markets, established in the original ACI Codes of Conduct of the 1970s, has been recognized as the ACI Model Code. The ACI model code has subsequently become more extensively relevant for the OTC community - and extended to back-office operations - but was withdrawn from publishing the FX Global Code, in which ACI FMA participated, as well as other Code of Conduct initiatives in 2017, as well as many national codes of conduct. ACI FMA's suite of education products and services in certification and certification, its committees and industry working groups, and their international network of national associations provide a comprehensive framework in which individuals and organizations operating in the present financial markets can receive education support and consultancy.

The European economy had begun to recover in 1954, 10 years after World War II. Local foreign exchange markets reopened in every country, mainly under administrative control and close central bank surveillance. Technology was straightforward, and direct lines were available with brokers with telex machines operating between banks. With the market growing, a few friends across the channel were driven to formalize their friendly and social structure by professionals from the same community across national borders. The Forex Movement was launched on 29 June 1955 in Paris by representatives from nine different countries. One year later, eight local organizations, Association Cambiste Internationale, decided to gather under an umbrella. It had grown to fifteen national associations by the end of the 1950s. The ACI-The Financial Markets Association provided a strategic response to help search for a new direction for the financial industry and the global economy. The formation of the ACI Foreign Exchange Committee (ACIFXC) in 2010 joined the two essential pillars of the CFP and BoE to provide a strategic solution through the development of solutions in an uncertain and evolving environment.

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