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ABA is the abbreviation of the American Bankers Association. The American Bankers Association (ABA) is the most extensive banking trade association in the United States, established in 1875 A.D. It serves all types of financial institutions. The ABA provides valuable advice to its members in various areas, including employee training, insurance, capital management, asset management, and risk/compliance. More than two million people work for member banks which control roughly 95 percent of the banking industry's assets. The American Bankers Association's primary tasks involve providing technical training to member organizations, lobbying on behalf of American banks and bankers, and conducting research to improve industry standards and banking best practices. The nine-digit routing number, which the ABA introduced in 1910, is one of the ABA's most notable innovations. Any banking check in the United States has a routing number. Its numbering scheme gives banks a unique identifier, making check processing more convenient and practical.

The Consumer Credit Delinquency Bulletin (CCDB) is one of the ABA's most well-known research pieces. This is a well-received quarterly report on consumer credit and banking patterns. The publication is based on a study of a specific category of consumer loans provided by approximately 300 banks in the United States. The ABA also publishes several other high-profile research pieces and publications. Its readers rely on its website and social media sites for banking information. In addition, the ABA engages in advocacy, outreach, and other educational activities. The ABA Banking Indexes are another notable field of development by the ABA. To provide representation for publicly listed banking institutions in the United States, the ABA developed and sponsored three indexes. The three banking indexes established by the American Bankers Association (ABA) are as follows:

  1. ABA NASDAQ Community Bank Index (ABAQ)
  2. NASDAQ OMX ABA Community Bank Index (ABQI)
  3. ABA NASDAQ Community Bank Total Return Index (XABQ)

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