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Question No. 1

Spicer, an herbs and spices company, is building a new website to grow its business online. A meeting is taking place to prioritize the requirements for inclusion in the first release of the website, which will take place in July. The second release of the website is planned for September.

Miranda, the company buyer is the owner for a requirement that states: 'The system shall provide screens for adding new products'. Miranda informs the meeting that new products are added to the system every three months and that she needs this functionality to be in place before the system goes live. In her view, it is a mandatory requirement.

Peter, who is developing the system, has stated that he can do a one-off upload of all the products into the database ready for launch in July, meaning that the website can initially go live without the 'add new product' functionality.

What priority is Miranda's requirement for the July release?

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