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Question No. 1


The remaining questions are associated with two cases.

Each case has an introductory, descriptive passage (case text) that describes background information and requirements for a specific cloud based design. And each case has a set of six related, randomized questions. You will need to read the case text in order to answer the related questions correctly.

Given that there are two cases with six scored questions each, the total number of case-based scored questions
is 12.

When you display each questions you can easily review the related case text in a pop-up window by clicking on the “Case” icon (shown below)

Case 4

Refer to the exhibit.


Your company is currently using a traditional SAN storage network. The server infrastructure is partially virtualized. There is a public cloud in place that is used to test development and application migration to cloud.

Business requirements:

Consolidate the network, storage, and compute resources

Simplify network management and storage provisioning

Maintain application performance

Need to share resources to reduce cost and improve efficiency

Other considerations:

Monitoring of protection SLAs

All transactions must be logged for auditing review

Users are validated using internal credentials

Refer to Case 4.

You must design the solution to enable external access to the eCommerce application using a Public cloud. The development team wants to ensure that the application has a known performance profile.

Which consideration offers best practices to address this concern?

Choose the correct option from the given list.
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