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Question No. 1

SIP (AST) user 1011111 and SIP (AST) user 1011112 are both based on the same Session Manager with access to a CM Evolution server. Given the following actions:

Session Manager searches for the called party in the SIP registry, finds it, registers it and routes
the call to it.

SIP user 1011111 calls SIP user 1011112 and an Invite request is sent to Session Manager.

Session Manager verifies SIP user 1011111 in the SIP registry and authenticates it. Session Manager checks the SIP user’s profile for sequenced applications and (in this example) routes the request to Communication Manager.

Endpoints negotiate codecs and media and RTP is sent between endpoints.

Communication Manager receives the request from Session Manager, carries out full-call model processing for both endpoints and routes the call back to Session Manager.

If 1011111 makes a call to 1011112, in which order will the actions take place?

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