Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution

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Question No. 1

Scenario: A Citrix Architect is asked by management at the Workslab organization to review their existing configuration and make the necessary upgrades. The architect recommends small changes to the pre-existing NetScaler configuration. Currently, the NetScaler MPX devices are configured in a high availability pair, and the outbound traffic is load-balanced between two Internet service providers 9ISPs). However, the failover is NOT happening correctly.

The following requirements were discussed during the design requirements phase:

The return traffic for a specific flow should be routed through the same path while using Link
Load Balancing.

The link should fail over if the ISP router is up and intermediary devices to an ISP router are

Traffic going through one ISP router should fail over to the secondary ISP, and the traffic should
NOT flow through both routers simultaneously.

What should the architect configure with Link Load balancing (LLB) to meet this requirement?

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