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Question No. 1

ProSafe credit reference agency retrieves data from bank and other credit providers where customers have missed payments or gone into default. The data is very sensitive and fed directly into a Blue Prism work queue via a web service. Blue Prism process must process the data within 4 hours. The Blue Prism solution runs continuously and each case takes approximately 30 seconds to process. It is expected that an average of 10,000 cases per day will be required and up to 10 Blue Prism robots are available. 

The Blue Prism solution is sown below:



The Blue Prism solution is sown below:

For each case of the process will access the customer account in the HotRisk system and, where an account exists, harvest the data which will be fed along with the Work Queue data into a rules engine. The rules engine is a Blue Prism process that does not interact with any target system. It merely consumes data and, via a complicated series of decision and choice stages, determines the new customer risk factor.

There is to be no scheduler used. Instead the Process Controllers who work in shifts to provide 24 hour support will stop and start process instances in line with Work Queue volumes. 

As a Blue Prism process solution designer, who is reviewing the solution, which of the following would concern you? (Choose three.)

Choose all the correct options from the given list.

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