Privacy Policy

Last updated on 1st July, 2021

The privacy policy of“the site”, “we”, “our”, “ourselves”) refers to how the data of the user(“you”, “your” “user”, “subscriber” or “visitor”) is accessed, stored, secured and shared by the website. The privacy policy(“Privacy Policy”) encompasses the ExamPirate website including all of its sub-pages that are accessed by a newcomer or a professional using this site on a regular basis.

As you use the site and give your valuable information by keeping your trust on us, your privacy is of utmost concern for us. Therefore this document has been written and published to clarify all of your confusion about how your personal data is handled. So, please read this privacy policy document to gain all the information about the usage of your data as this document provides you with the information about what data is collected, how it is collected, why it is collected, who is the data shared with, and how your data is kept safe. It also provides insight into your rights and choices in sharing your information.

You must read this Privacy Policy document before accessing the site and its features and agree to the respective terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions defined in this policy, please DO NOT visit our site.

For additional information and any queries, you can contact us through the address links given below the  Contact Us  heading on the website.

  1. What Data is Collected?

    During your visit to the site, primarily two types of data are collected. The data shared by the user and the data that are gathered automatically. They are described below:

    The Data Shared By The User

    These data include the information you provided to the site. This information is gained whenever you create accounts, participate in surveys, and communicate with others using different social media platforms. The data include:

    Account Data

    Whenever you create an account on the site in order to access its features such as purchases, your account data such as email address and password are collected.

    Profile Data

    Your profile data includes information such as your gender, date of birth, social media profile, photos, or other data that can be viewed by others.

    Shared Content Data

    The data includes the content that you shared during any interaction on the site, your asked, and answered questions as well as the content that you shared on your social media platform. This content may be publicly viewed depending on your platform for sharing information.

    Payment And Transaction Data

    The payment data includes the data gathered during transactions such as your name and zip code. These data are necessary to process the orders you place on the site. You must provide your purchase and billing data including your name, credit card information, billing address, and zip code to our payment processing partners.  Sensitive information such as the full credit card numbers and authentication information  are not collected for security purposes.

    Surveys and Promotions Data

    You may be invited to participate in surveys and promotions through the website or other third-party sources. Data is collected and stored if you participate in these surveys. They include your name, email address, phone numbers, and other data such as your answers to any questions and preferences that you provide as a participant. Promotions of the survey, winner notifications, etc. will be performed with the collected data. If a third-party source is used for the data collection in the survey, the privacy policy of that is applied.

    Communications and Support Data

    Whenever you communicate with us by reporting any problems, accessing newsletters, and contacting us for any information, your data such as the messages, name, email address are collected whether or not you have created an account. These data are used to give appropriate responses to your problems or queries as per this Privacy Policy.

    The Data Collected Automatically

    Some information is collected through automatic means whenever you access the site. They are collected through your system log files and cookies(discussed later) and include the following information:

    • The System Data includes the technical data about your device such as your IP address, device type, device identifiers, browsers, and languages used by the browsers and other system data including the platform types.
    • The Usage Data shows your statistics including the site interactions, pages accessed, time spent, search queries, click data, date and time, etc.
    • The Geographic Location Data include your approximate location such as your country city, zip codes calculated through your IP address.
  2. Why do we collect your data?

    You may wonder why your data is being collected by us. Well, listed below are the reasons that discuss why we use and need your data.

    • To administer the site by displaying customized and attractive content and to facilitate communication with various other users.
    • To manage communications with you by:
      • Processing your product orders, purchases, and other services.
      • Providing a response to your queries and concerns.
      • Sending you administrative messages such as notifications on the changes to the site and updates on our agreements.
      • Sending you notifications about our new products, services, newsletters, promotions, and new features added.
    • To manage the preferences of your account.
    • To solicit your feedback on any issues and concerns.
    • To resolve any technical issues and troubleshoot for any new issues to protect the security of the site and prevent any fraud or abuse.
    • To learn more about you and other unique users across many devices and tailor advertisements across those devices.
    • To improve the site by adding new features and products and advertise the site on any third-party sites and applications as per the law or in our sole discretion whenever we determine it to be necessary to ensure the safety and integrity of our users and employees.
    • To analyze the traffic trends, purchase transactions, and usage data of the users.
  3. How do we collect your data?

    The data collection methods used by our site include cookies, data analytics tools, online advertising platforms, and other third-party applications.


    A cookie is a small piece of information that is sent from a website and stored on the personal computer or a mobile device of the user so that whenever the user browses the same website in the future, the data stored in the cookie can be used by the website to get an update on the previous activity of the user.

    Our site uses cookies for the purpose of authenticating you to the site and addressing your security by fighting spams and abuses, for the analysis and research purpose so as to understand how users use our site, and to customize the site with more relevant content and advertising.

    We work with other partners such as Google Analytics that use cookies or similar technologies to help us analyze how our site is being used. The data may be collected by these providers themselves or through us.

    Both the Session Cookies and  Persistent Cookies are used by the site to identify you during a single session(when you log in) or over a longer period of time (when you asked to be signed in).

    Usage of Cookies and Data Collection Tools

    Our site uses the server log files and automated data collection tools such as cookies, scripts, tags, device or browser fingerprints, QR codes, whenever a user accesses the site. The Web beacons are used to identify the date and time of page visit, whether an email was ever opened, and for the purpose of effective advertisement by excluding the users from certain promotional messages or by the identifications of a new mobile app downloaded and used.

    The different types of cookies used by the site are:

    • Preferences cookies that contain information about your browser and preferred settings (like language).
    • Security cookies that enable you to log in and surf the site and its features as well as protect from frauds, spam, and prevent abuse or unauthorized use of your account.
    • Functional cookies that store settings such as the brightness of the site, volumes during the audio or video play, etc.
    • Session cookies that track your site interactions and help us improve your experience by enabling us to store your login details and purchase processes.

    These cookies are critical for the site to function properly. As such any action disabling them will result in the disfunction, breaking, or unavailability of certain functions of the website.

    Privacy Options

    You can choose to limit the use of cookies through several means. However, you need to understand that any random decline of cookies will result in you not being able to log in and access various features of the website. Visit the  chrome support  or the  pcmag  site To enable or disable cookies on your chrome browser.

    Furthermore, visit the  Google Ads Settings  page that allows you to manage the advertisement on your site.

    Analytics Tools

    The site uses various third-party browsers and different mobile analytics tools like Google Analytics in order to analyze the site usage that includes the different information such as the website that you arrive from, the frequency of your visit, and what or when any mobile or desktop applications were downloaded.

    Online Advertisements

    Another process used for the data gathering on the site is online advertising. This site can use any third-party services like Facebook, Google Ad Services, and other advertising networks to deliver ads on the websites used by the users. The ads can be based on your recent activities, sites visited, preferences that are according to your interests.

    The advertising services may use cookies on your computer or other devices to collect data about you on our site depending on the type of ad services. These advertising services can access your cookie data to deliver advertisements based on your interest. We may also provide these data in an anonymous form with a hash along with the content you share on the site publicly to those services that help you receive ads on your computer or smart devices like smartphones, tablets, and MacBooks.

  4. Who is your data shared with?

    The data collected can be shared with various parties as per this policy. The parties include the companies that provide us different services, data analytics services, the promotion, and marketing companies that help us promote our site and conduct surveys as well as advertising agencies to better advertise our site.

    Furthermore, your data shall be shared with relevant law agencies for any legal procedures if so required. Some other data can also be shared during company restructuring and if we get your consent. A detailed list of the parties that we share your data with is discussed as:

    • The third-party companies that perform our services like transaction processing, data analysis, hosting, customer service, and support, and advertisers for marketing.
    • The analytics services and third-party analytics tools such as Google Analytics can get access to your account and system data for effective communication purposes.
    • The social media features are used on the site to gain more traffic. These social media features (e.g Facebook-like buttons) may allow the social media providers to gain access to your IP address and other cookie information. The interactions you have with these social media features are governed by the privacy policy of those third-party companies.
    • Your data shall be shared during any promotion or survey if you participate in these functions as per the rules of those surveys and promotions.
    • The third-party advertisers can gain access to your data if we require advertisement on different advertising platforms. These data will be analyzed to provide you with targeted advertisements as per your personalization and interests. Additionally, the third-party ad agencies may also share your data with us. You may choose to not participate in the ad campaigns, however, you shall still receive generic advertisements.
    • The legal and security agencies shall receive your data if:
      • It is permitted and required by the laws.
      • It is requested as a part of any governmental or legal procedures.
      • It is requested as a part of authorized warrants, subpoenas or other legally valid documents.
      • It is required to enforce our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service agreements and other agreements.
      • It is necessary to prevent any misuse, abuse, fraud, or any other violation of laws.
      • It is required by our legal advisors and auditors in order to access our rights under this privacy policy.
    • Your data shall also be disclosed during any company restructuring process such as merger and acquisition where the successor company shall gain access to any and all of your data.
    • As per your consent, we can share your additional data with the parties that are beyond this Privacy Policy.
  5. Data Security

    We take the security of your data as our paramount concern and use  appropriate security after your data is stored. Proper authentications, access control mechanisms, password protection, and firewalls are used on the site in order to secure your data from any unauthorized access and reduce the possibility of data theft.

    Strict measures are taken to monitor any unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of your personal data. These data protection measures vary corresponding to the type and sensitivity of your data. However, as with other internet-based systems, there is always a high risk of compromise of data security. Hence we cannot guarantee that your data will be 100% safe from any malign actors.

    There are some measures that you need to take to ensure your data security such as developing a strong password, not sharing your password with other parties, and changing them if you come to understand that your password has been compromised in some way.

  6. User Rights

    As a user that uses our system, you have certain rights regarding your personal data usage. The rights that you can exercise and other policies of our system are listed below:

    • You have the right to choose to stay out of any promotional content such as emails, cookies, and the collection of data from third-party data analytics.
    • You have the right to terminate your account from our website.
    • You can choose to unsubscribe our promotional contents through your email preferences, however, some messages regarding the transaction information, purchase information, billing information, site updates, and change in our policies and procedures shall still be provided to you.
    • You can choose to stay out of Google Analytics through the use of  Google Analytics opt-out add ons  on your browser.
    • You can access and update your personal data on our site as per this privacy policy.
    • You can visit your profile in order to terminate your account on the site.
    • However, keep in mind that some of your personal data shall  still be retained even after you terminate your account. These data shall be disclosed if required by any change of laws or other rules and regulations.
    • The data shall remain with us as long as a legitimate purpose for retaining the data such as legal obligations, resolving disputes, and enforcing our agreements remains.
    • Parents who are concerned that the data of their children are being used can contact us through our  Contact Us  page to get the data removed.

    For further information, please contact us using the addresses that are given on the Contact Us  page of our website.