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About Total Rewards Management Certification

The Global Remuneration Professional Programme (GRP) designation was introduced by SNEF and WorldatWork together. The GRP designation covers major key areas like management, finance, compensation, benefits, and total rewards professionals operating in a multinational or global environment. To gain GRP designation, you have to complete ten modules within eight years. You can take any module exam at your convenience. There is no predefined sequence to follow. GRP designation modules are shown in the table below:

Exam Code

Exam Name


Total Rewards Management 


Quantitative Principles in Compensation Management


Job Analysis, Documentation, and Evaluation


Base Pay Administration and Pay for Performance


Variable Pay (Improving Performance with Variable Pay)


International Remuneration


Strategic Communication in Total Rewards


Market Pricing (Conducting a Competitive Pay Analysis)


Business Acumen for Compensation Professionals 


International Financial Reporting Standards for Compensation Professionals

And to earn CCP designation, you need GRP plus two other modules. They are Regulatory Environments for Compensation Programs C1 and Accounting and Finance for the Human Resources Professional T2. So we can conclude that T1: Total Rewards Management is a required certification for GRP, CCP, and CBP certification track.

Total Rewards Management certification is basic-level or an ideal starting point for the certification track. The certification focuses on how to formulate a rewards program that has the power to attract, motivate and retain – total rewards. You will be introduced to the total rewards model and each of its components. Emphasis is given to the following five elements of total rewards: 

  1. Compensation
  2. Benefits
  3. Work-life
  4. Performance and recognition
  5. Career opportunities and Development.

About Total Rewards Management  Certification Exam

Total Rewards Management certification qualifies you to be a total rewards manager. He/she is responsible for planning, designing, implementing, and administering a comprehensive total rewards strategy and programs for the organizations. Total Rewards Management certification exam assesses the candidate's knowledge of what is required for an effective total rewards strategy. The exam participants should know how to design and implement a total rewards program. 

The certification exam focuses on the candidate's ability to maintain a tailor-made total reward program for their organization. The exam code for Total Rewards Management is T1/GR1. It is one of the modules you need to complete for the GRP or CCP certification track. The exam consists of 70 questions. You are given 120 minutes to complete the T1/GR1 exam. To pass the exam, candidates need to secure at least a 75% score. If you fail the exam, WorldatWork allows you to retake exams. 

What are the requirements?
  • Candidates should be familiar with human resource concepts, human resource goals, and business strategies to start with. 
  • If the candidates have a working knowledge of the organization’s culture, it will be a plus point for them.

Facts about certification

  • The T1/GR1 exam is required for CCP, GRP, and CBP certification.
  • The Total Rewards Management certification is valid for eight years from the date of designation.
Who is eligible for this exam?

The Total Rewards Management T1/GR1 certification is available for the following candidates:

  • New H.R. professionals
  • H.R. generalists
  • Line Managers
  • Other candidates are those who want a basic overview of the components that can create an effective balance in employee rewards tools.
Objectives of the T1/GR1 certification exam

The objectives of the T1/GR1 certification exam is to assess the following knowledge on exam participants:

  • Understanding of total rewards management
  • Understanding of the five elements of total rewards
  • Understand the critical role of the main drivers 
    • Organizational culture
    • Business strategy 
    • Human resources strategy
  • Understanding of the process of designing a successful total rewards strategy
Benefits/Importance of certification

Total Rewards Management is the ideal starting point for the GRP certification track. It is a basic-level certification. It is mainly designed to give a basic overview of the components that can create an effective balance in employee rewards tools. Only this certification qualifies you to be a total reward manager. 

As a total reward manager, you will have to conduct research and bring an in-depth understanding of external best practices and innovative trends to apply them to Total Rewards programs and technologies. 

As a result, he/she can evaluate and make recommendations on compensation strategies to attract and retain talent. This knowledge helps to boost your confidence and earn recognition among your colleagues and employers. Some of the benefits of T1/GR1 certification are as follows:

  • Boost your confidence 
  • Enhance your employability and stand out in your area of expertise. · 
  • Improve your credibility with employers and colleagues increasing the retention rate for employees due to employee benefits concerns. · 
  • Expand your professional network. 
  • Advance your career
Certification Syllabus Content
  • Introduction to Total Rewards

Learn about the evolution of H.R. rewards; the total rewards model, strategy, and approach; and drivers and elements of total rewards strategy.

  • Compensation

Discover the factors influencing compensation. Learn about base pay structure and design, as well as differential pay and variable pay.

  • Benefits

Learn what influences benefits and about income protection for benefits and pay for time not worked programs.

  • Work-Life Effectiveness

Learn the basics of work-life effectiveness, the work-life professional, and work-life portfolio.

  • Recognition

Learn about the value of recognition programs and how to use them to drive results, along with the different types of recognition plans and programs.

  • Performance Management

Gain knowledge about performance management and learn about pay for performance, principles of merit pay programs, base pay investment, and merit increase guidelines.

  • Talent Development

Discover the role of talent development in total rewards and learn about the types of talent development opportunities and how to measure their effectiveness.

  • Total Rewards – Pulling it All Together.

Finish with a review of the total rewards system, process, and design considerations to ensure you walk away with the knowledge to design and implement a total rewards program tailor-made for your organization and that communicates the value of total rewards.

Career opportunities

With T1/GR1 certification, you are qualified to take the Total Reward Manager job. You will have the knowledge to fulfill your job duties and responsibilities. Some of the job descriptions for total reward managers are:

  • Plan, design, implement and administer a comprehensive rewards strategy.
  • Maintain an effective work/life balance program.
  • Assesses the effectiveness of current programs, identifies best practices, and develops recommendations to meet H.R.’s goals and business strategy.
  • Act as project manager for total rewards acquisitions so you can gain some project managerial skills.
  • Partner with Hr managers and leadership to recruit and retain talent.
  • Manage performance management and rewards and recognition programs.
  • Prepare annual budget for total rewards
  • Concern for employee development

These are some responsibilities Total Reward Management certification holders are required to perform. If you are skilled in performing these responsibilities, then you can apply for higher position job roles. Some of them are listed below:



Senior Benefits Analyst


Benefits Manager


Manager, Compensation, and Benefits


Human Resource (HR) Director


Consultant, Human Resource (HR)


Note: The jobs and salaries are based on PayScale.

Certification Renewal Policy

All the certification exams within CCP, CBP, and GRP certification tracks are valid for eight years from the date of designation. After eight years, the certification will be invalid or expire. To retain active certification, you have to retake the exam.

Exam Retake Policy

You can retake exams if you fail your certification exam. Please contact the Customer Experience Team to learn about the retake fees.

You can immediately schedule a retake. But WorldatWork recommends you to look over your score report. First, identify areas where you may need additional study or experience before the retake. You can take classes to prepare for the retake. WorldatWork offers courses, webinars, and quality publications to help you in preparation

If you want to return the WorldatWork Press publication, then the materials must be returned in sellable condition. WorldatWork Press return policy is as follows:

Time Frame


Returns received within 15 days of your receipt

100% credit less shipping and handling.

Returns received between 16 and 30 days

50% credit, less shipping, and handling

Returns received more than 30 days after your receipt

0% credit.

Membership policy

WorldatWork membership is on an individual basis. Anyone can take membership in WorldatWork. There is no prerequisite. The initiation Membership fee for the practitioners and consultants is USD 350. The membership fee for academic faculty is USD 125 and for students is USD 55. It is non-transferable. If you cancel the membership, there will be no refunds

Course Registration
To register for a live course or online event, first, you have to complete the payment. After the payment, you can hold your space. Check the course registration form here.
Transfer Requests

You can request a transfer to another course or an online event. If there is space available, then it is possible to transfer. You must submit a handwritten transfer request. Transfer fees are as follows:

Time Frame


15 calendar days or more before the course

No fee

14 calendar days or fewer before the course

USD 150 

Note: Click here to view the cancellation and transfer request form. 

Cancellation Requests

You must submit a handwritten course cancellation request. The cancellation credit provided by WorldatWork is valid for two years. If the credit is not used, it will be deemed to be a contribution to ongoing WorldatWork research and related programs that support the profession. The credit schedule is as follows:

Time Frame


15 calendar days or more before the course

100% credit on account

14 calendar days or fewer before the course

50% credit on account

No notice or the day course begins

0% credit on account

Note: If you access the e-course materials and later cancel or transfer your course, you will not get any refund.
How can I attend the exam?

WorldatWork certification exams are available online. It is administered through online proctoring. Candidates can take their certification exam at the date and time that they want. You can attend the exam right from the comfort and convenience of your home or any secure location. 

You can register for the course or exam online. Click here to view the T1/GR1 course schedule. You can register through a phone call. For the USA and Canada, you can call  877-951-9191. For other countries, you can call +1480-951-9191. You can also fax the registration form to 866-816-2962 if you are from the United States or Canada. Candidates from other countries can fax to +1 480-483-8352. Or, you can request registration through email

Your certification exam authorization is valid for 120 days from the date of purchase. You will get a 30 days extension if you purchase it before the 120 days expire. 

After the exam

You will pass the certification exam if you secure at least a 75% score. Then you can check your certification status. Follow the given instructions:

  • Log in to My Profile.
  • Scroll to My Certifications.
  • Click on View Certification Status.

Note: You view the exams passed and what exams you have yet to take. Results and information are updated weekly.

How to Prepare for the Certification?

Followings are some useful tips to prepare for the Total Rewards Management  certification exam: 

1. Go through exam objectives

Candidates should review exam objectives. It helps them to match if their skills and knowledge align with the T1/GR1 exam topics. The candidates can prepare a structured and organized plan to cover every topic of the Total Rewards Management certification. It is better to cover all the exam domains because the questions are asked from them. 

2. Books

Books are the best resource to prepare for the T1-GR1 exam. You can find multiple course materials, documentation, and books on rewards management. Candidates can find both online and offline study materials to prepare for the certification exam. This knowledge will be helpful for exam preparation as well as to work in the real world. 

3. Attempt practice tests

Total Rewards Management T1-GR1 certification exam tests familiarity with total rewards strategy. Candidates can improve their knowledge and skills by taking practice tests. Practice tests help to evaluate their performance and focus on improvements. 

So you can try the T1-GR1 certification practice test. Candidates can learn time management and get familiar with exam patterns. They can compare their target score and prepare accordingly with the help of mock or practice tests. 


To conclude, Total Rewards Management certification validates a candidate's ability to plan, design, implement and administer a comprehensive rewards strategy and programs, including an effective work/life balance program. 

The T1/GR1 certification is a required module for candidates who are following the GRP, CCP, or CBP certification track. All the WorldatWork certification exams are online proctored. Total Rewards Management is the ideal starting point to improve your skills and knowledge in your area of expertise.

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