Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11 Essentials

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Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11 Essentials

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about Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11 Essentials

Oracle HFM 11 Essentials certifies based on the skill of the candidate. It identifies the professionals who put in place the solution based on the Oracle HRM 11 essentials. First of all, you must know the exam objectives to get certified. Certification from Oracle provides recommended training and seminars about Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11 Essentials Certification. It provides the courses in which you must complete one of them. The best way to pass the exam is to gain field experience. The certification covers the works to be done by professionals like planning applications, inserting the info, account grading, fixing dimensions, defining various forms and business rules, and data security.

Oracle HFM 11 Essential is a web-based application that provides global financial management in a single yet powerful software. Oracle Cloud Certification Credentials are valid for 18 months from the date you get them. It will be inactive at the end of 18 months. Oracle HFM 11 Essentials is an easy-to-use skillset cheerful tool for research and analysis. 

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11 Essentials Certification Exam

Oracle HFM 11 Essentials Exam is for people with experience in the area of Hyperion Financial Management. A good foundation is required for a broad range on the subject. We know that preparation is important to pass the exam. The more time invested in preparation, the more confidence gets boosted, bringing the Oracle HFM 11 best results. 

The exam topics are:

  • Overview of Hyperion Financial Management,  
  • Creating Applications Profile and Metadata Classic, 
  • EPM Architect, 
  • HFM Rules & Calculation Manager, 
  • Creating and Building Lists 
  • Shared Services, 
  • HFM Administration, 
  • HFM User Basics, 
  • HFM User Advance Functions, 
  • Financial Reporting Studio, 
  • Supporting Tools of FM, etc. 

As the exam version gets changed time and again, the latest exam version certification is always recommended. The online exams test the individual has the knowledge and skills obtained from practical experience.

You can get certified by proving your ability in the online exam. The total number of questions is 65. If 75% solved, you can get certified. The format of the question is multiple choice. You must give an answer choosing the best one from it. The total duration of the exam is 1.75 hours