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Nokia Quality of Service


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Nokia Quality of Service Certification

Nokia Quality of Service Certification is a professional certification. It is the topmost level certification in the Service Routing Certification (SRC) program. The SRA certification is intended for engineers who are striving to gather expertise in all variant aspects of Router networks and services, including building, designing, and supporting. This certification is linked to the Nokia Quality of Service. It is accredited through Nokia Service Routing Architect Certification. Nokia Quality of Service certification asserts the ability to record the business drivers of QoS. It also describes traffic classification, scheduling, queuing, and marking as they concern QoS. Mobile Routing Professionals, Service Routing Architects, and Network Routing Specialists usually hold or will pursue this certification. You can anticipate the same job role after achieving this certification.

The credit towards Nokia Quality of Service Certification is Nokia Service Routing Architect.

Nokia Quality of Service Exam

Nokia Quality of Service Exam showcases your expertise in Nokia products implementation. The Nokia Quality of Service course introduces and elaborates the theory, strategies, and techniques for executing quality of service (QoS) strategies in an IP/MPLS network. This course offers the key QoS performance metrics. It describes the main functions of QoS and is required to secure that different traffic flows receive the treatment they need. The QoS functions of traffic classification, marking, queuing and buffer management, scheduling, and rate-limiting are explained in detail. They are reinforced through hands-on labs. This act allows students to observe the impact of each QoS function. After completing this course, students will gain a stable understanding of the concepts and principles of QoS. They will also understand the need for QoS. The major highlight is they will learn how to implement QoS on the Nokia 7750 Service Router (SR) to obtain differentiated services.

The 4A0-107 exam will present you with a certificate that you can moreover use in your planned area. It also might get you into authorized companies ensuring a position for you. This certificate provides an insight into a job with a more substantial salary and a bright career.

Objectives of Nokia Quality of Service Certification

Here are some of the objectives of the Nokia Quality of Service Certification Exam:

  • List the business drivers of QoS, recounting traffic classification, scheduling, queuing, and listing as they concern QoS.
  • Implement quality of service (QoS) strategies in an IP/MPLS network.
  • Ensure different traffic flows with the main functions of QoS.
  • Understand the need for QoS.
  • Perform QoS on the Nokia 7750 Service Router (SR) to obtain differentiated services.

Who is Eligible for this Exam? 

Nokia Quality of Service certification exam is intended for Quality Network Manager and Virtual Network Engineer. This certification is for the one who has experience and knowledge of Nokia products implementation. 

4A0-107 exam certification provides proof of advanced knowledge and skill. If a candidate has the essential knowledge and skills required for a 4A0-107 exam, they should take this exam.

After qualifying for this exam, one can get a conventional job with a good salary and a good influence in this industry.

What are the Requirements?

Recommended Prerequisites 

  • Nokia Services Architecture Certification

Required knowledge 

  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) 
  • Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) 
  • Virtual Private Routed Networks (VPRN) 
  • Quality of Service (QoS).

Recommended Training:

Recommended knowledge course domain:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to QoS
  • Module 2 – Classification
  • Module 3 – Queuing
  • Module 4 – Scheduling
  • Module 5 – Marking and Remarking
  • Module 6 – Applied QoS

Facts about Nokia Quality of Service Certification 

Here are some of the facts about Nokia Quality of Service Certification:

  • Nokia Quality of Service is the topmost level certification in the Service Routing Certification (SRC) program.
  • The Nokia Quality of Service exam provides the elective exam needed for the Nokia Service Routing Architect certification.
  • Nokia Quality of Service Certification is a professional certification.
  • You can earn up to $113,500 per year with the Nokia Quality of Service Certification.
  • If you don't complete the recertification requirements within 6 months after your expiry, your certification credential terminates.

Benefits/Importance of Nokia Quality of Service Certification

Being certified with a Nokia Quality of Service is the coveted aim for people working on quality of service (QoS) strategies in an IP/MPLS network. You should get this certification to sustain your solid and long-term career in this domain. After you are certified with 4A0-107 certification, your investment of time, money, and potential will be well paid off.

Being a Nokia Quality of Service certified gives the benefits of owning Nokia credentials. It covers certification logos, certificates, score reports, digital badges, and certification verification. You'll be able to accommodate this badge in your social profiles. It'll help to demonstrate your skills & specific technical expertise. Other many benefits one can get after being certified with Nokia Quality of Service are mentioned below:

  • You'll get more job opportunities due to advanced education.
  • Addition in incentives compared to uncertified accomplices.
  • Improvement in reputation and industry credibility.
  • Get displayed to different types of roles, essential innovations, and tasks that refer to the job.
  • Learn to perform complicated tasks.
  • Earn Digital Badges. Digital badges are a significant bonus point. To learn the abilities concerned with each exam and certification, hiring managers view your badge profile.
  • Easily develop position skills without the need for external verification.
  • You will be able to join with the working professionals that help to build your career field. 
  • You can get job placement at the international recognition level.

Certification Syllabus Content

Nokia Quality of Service exam includes the following course outline:

  • List the business drivers for QoS.
  • Describe traffic classification, queuing, scheduling, and marking as they pertain to QoS including, rate limiting, resource allocation, and congestion management
  • Configure various QoS-related policies on the Nokia 7750 SR to provide differentiated services confirming to SLAs
  • List the criteria that can be used to classify and mark packets at service and network ingress/egress to support optimal networking resources.
  • State the purpose of the queuing and scheduling parameters PIR, CIR, MBS, CBS, High Priority only, queue type, queue mode, and adaptation rule
  • State the purpose of Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED) to increase average utilization of networking resources as they approach congestion
  • State the need for a multi-tiered scheduling (HQoS) architecture on SAP ingress and egress
  • Apply QoS concepts to the applicable service (virtual private wire service [VPWS], virtual private LAN service [VPLS], virtual private routed network [VPRN], or Internet enhanced service [IES])
  • Describe the need for egress port scheduling and its operation in conjunction with an HQoS scheduler
  • Explain how standalone policers enforce the configured rate, CIR, MBS, CBS, macro flow, and color packets.
  • Explain how Class Fair Hierarchical Policing (CFHP ) supports four layers of hierarchy and dynamically enforces rates, using the priority and weights assigned to child policers and arbiters.
  • Design, configure, apply, and predict the expected behavior of a CFHP policy.
  • Explain Ethernet queue groups and how they are typically used on access ingress, access egress, network ingress, and network egress.

Career Opportunities

After you pass the Nokia Quality of Service exam and are certified, you'll get the following work opportunities:

  • Mobile Routing Professionals 
  • Service Routing Architects 
  • Network Routing Specialists 


Salary/ yr

Mobile Routing Professionals 


Service Routing Architects 


Network Routing Specialists


Certification Renewal Policy

Nokia Quality of Service is Nokia SRC Certification. All certification programs under the Nokia SRC program are valid for three years. After three years, certification holders have to recertify. It is done to ensure that you hold an active credential.

If you don't complete the recertification requirements within 6 months after your expiry, your certification credential terminates. After this, to get this certification, you must repeat the whole certification process by giving a new 4A0-107 exam.

Certification Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

If you want to cancel your exam appointment, you have to cancel it 15 days before the scheduled date. If cancellation is made less than 15 working days before the beginning date of the course, 100% of the exam price would be forfeited. If a student does not show up for a scheduled course without prior notice, the entire exam price will be forfeited. Nokia presents a minimum written notice of three weeks to cancel or reschedule a course.

Certification Retake Policy

If you fail your exam on your first attempt, you can re-attempt the exam anytime you wish. You do not have to wait to retake the exam. Besides, there is no limit on the number of times to retake the exam.

How can I Attend the Exam?

You can take the Nokia Quality of Service as a proctored exam globally. You can give the 4A0-107 exam online at Pearson VUE. The exam has a total duration of 90 minutes. It consists of 60 multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions. You can schedule the 4A0-107 exam in the following ways: 

  • For the registration process, first, you have to open a student portal account at Nokia. You can register for the Pearson VUE. New Nokia Learning Services program participants have to start at the Nokia Student Portal Account.
  • After the above step, candidates have to create a login for Nokia. To access the Student Portal Nokia login is required. You may have an account to access other online services of Nokia. There are two cases in this process:
  • If a candidate doesn't have a Nokia account, they must create a Nokia account at Then select:-New User?
  • Those working as employees of Nokia should use their CSL/CIP to log in.
  • You have to activate your account on the student portal. For this, visit the portal. You have to log in using your Nokia login. After login, you have to enter the following details:
  • Your new Student Portal ID
  • Your account authorization code
  • You have to validate your personal information. After your account activation, you will be asked to validate your personal information and accept a User License. After this validation, you can access the Student Portal right away.

Once logged in to your Student Portal account, continue to schedule your written Pearson VUE exams. Follow the instructions below to complete the written examination registration process:

  1. From your Student Portal choose "Manage Written Exams" beneath the "Exam Activity" tab.
  2. Go to the "View Exams" button.
  3. Choose the exam you would like to schedule.
  4. Proceed with the next steps of selection of a preferred test center, date, and time.
  5. Once all your selections have been made, continue to Checkout.

How to Prepare for the 4A0-107 Certification?

Many candidates feel the Nokia certification exam is difficult. Here we are providing you with the best preparation tips that will overcome your exam difficulties.: Some preparation tips to crack the Nokia Quality of Service Exam are:

1. Visit the official website and self-study: You can visit the Nokia official website. You can get detailed information about the preparation resources, objectives, and exam schedule on this site. You will also get insights on the preparation status, eligibility, and more details about these certifications. You can use this information for self-study preparation purposes. Refer to the Nokia Quality of Service study Guide available on the official site for study purposes. The best study materials are books and video tutorials.
2. Become familiar with exam objectives: You can familiarize yourself with all the objectives and course realms of the exam. It is important to update yourself with all the latest information about the exam. You ought to follow the outlines of the exam:
  • Introduction to QoS
  • Classification
  • Queuing
  • Scheduling
  • Marking and Remarking
  • Applied QoS
3. Training Courses: You can visit Nokia Quality of Service to find the training course you need to prepare for the 4A0-107 exam and book yourself a seat.
4. Practice Test:  You can examine your preparation level before giving the actual exam. You can do this by giving an online practice test. You can examine your score and performance. You can also analyze your preparation level and areas of improvement. We suggest you choose ExamPirate in order to have a practice test for Nokia Quality of Service Exam.
5. Group Study: Candidates can join study groups classes to cover details about this exam. Here you can connect with others who are also preparing for the same exam. You can share your ideas and knowledge here, which are more effective. You can ask anything related to the exam here and clarify your doubt.


Nokia Quality of Service is a career-long commitment. It can help gather expertise in all variant aspects of building, designing, and supporting Service Router networks and services. Earning the Nokia Quality of Service certification will create many significant opportunities. For this, you have to pass the 4A0-107 exam.

ExamPirate is one of the renowned sites for practice test preparation. ExamPirate provides you with all significant study guides and resources. It will support you to get better results in the certification test. You'll be able to predict your preparation level. You'll get better insights into complexity levels and the model of the questions. You will also encounter difficulties that may arise in the test after trying the practice test exam. It'll be helpful since you can prepare for these factors before the exam. Hence, with ExamPirate's guidelines, you can pass your certification exam easily on your first attempt.

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