ISSAP Information Systems Security Architecture Professional

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ISSAP Information Systems Security Architecture Professional

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about ISSAP Information Systems Security Architecture Professional

CISSP is a bridge to begin your journey with ISSAP. CISSP-ISSAP is an advanced (ISC)2 information security certification that focuses on information security architecture aspects.  ISSAP is a CISSP program that means Information Systems Security Architecture Professional. ISSAP is an elite, advanced CISSP-based certification.

The ISSAP is a CISSP that focuses on the design of security solutions and provides risk-based management guidance to support organizational goals.ISSAP is a CISSP specializing in developing a professional information system architecture security. It provides security strategies and risk-based instructions to achieve organizational objectives. ISSAP is a CISSP dedicated to designing the architecture of information systems security. The certification CISSP-ISSAP addresses the information security architecture in particular. It is for analysts and security managers, consultants, and other practitioners who plan, build and execute system security. CISSP- ISSAP is a revolution in the IT industry. Many people are dreaming of getting CISSP- ISSAP certification. 

Among these Certified members, many girls and women have CISSP-ISSAP  certification. The trend of the security system has encouraged women to be a part of CISSP- ISSAP. It is the field of architecture where you can develop your creativity. Well, CISSP-ISSAP enhances your art of creativity. Involving in the CISSP-ISSAP environment, you can learn to protect your data as CISSP-ISSAP is an architectural security system that enhances your ability to protect. It shows the direction of learning and the uses of systems to make it secure.

About Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (CISSP-ISSAP) Certification Exam

Somewhere in the field of technology, people are more hungry for what they want. Where, in some cases, the world of technology needs certification. Information System Security Architecture Professional (ISSAP) Certification is a CISSP specializing in ISS architecture defense's technical design. Classification of ISSAP certification gives physical access to your organization’s information security model. It controls to identify, prevent, and react behavior in your information security model. CISSP chooses products for organizational communication. To monitor optimal performance by its policies and standards, CISSP-ISSAP needs the implementation of communication. CISSP-ISSAP certification understands and anticipates adverse events that may affect the organization's normal functioning.  

There are 125 questions in a multiple-choice pattern that need to be solved in the exam period of 3 hours. You need to score 700 out of 1000 to pass the CISSP-ISSAP exam. The only language considerable for the CISSP-ISSAP examination is English worldwide. Applicants can pass examinations from over 160 member countries and have the Pearson VUE test center of CISSP-ISSAP. The test period (125 in 3 hours) and the number of domains (6) remain unchanged. The ISSAP Exam tests the knowledge of a candidate in the next six areas:

  • The architect for Governance, Compliance and Risk Management
  • Security Architecture Modeling
  • Infrastructure Security Architecture
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) Architecture
  • The architect for Application Security
  • Security Operations Architecture.