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EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Certification is a professional certification being one of the most outstanding certifications in the cloud computing field. This certification improves the fundamentals of cloud computing. It assists in the efficient deployment of services in a preferred workspace. EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation certification analyses candidates on the basics of Cloud Computing. It is a vendor-neutral qualification that includes some technical knowledge of cloud computing. It views the general management features of Cloud Computing.

The EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation certificate demands an overview of the cloud computing field. It also enquires about the connection with other areas of Information Management. This overview is based on information on the fundamental concepts of Cloud Computing. It also depends on the understanding of the architecture, design, and deployment of Cloud Computing. It is also involved in the incorporation of all these features in the organization.

You can achieve EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation certification after passing the Exin Cloud Computing Foundation exam. The EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation course renders an optimal preparation to pass the exam. 

About EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation (CLOUDF) Certification Exam

The EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Certification Exam is part of the EXIN qualification program. It has been developed in collaboration with global experts in the field. EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Exam showcases your expertise in Cloud Computing management. It administers the basic overview of the cloud computing field. It also generalizes cloud computing relationships with other areas of Information management.

This overview is based on an understanding of the fundamental concepts of Cloud computing. Candidates should also have a fair knowledge of the architecture, design, and deployment of Cloud computing. The final domain is concerned with the incorporation of these aspects of cloud computing in the organization.

The CLOUDF exam will furnish you with an EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation certificate. You can further use this certification in your intended work domain. It also strengthens you to get into accredited companies ensuring a place for you. This certificate provides an insight into a job with a more notable salary and a profound career.


EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation certification helps you to progress in your career in cloud computing. Earning EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation certification will create many significant opportunities. Except for Exin, there are other best cloud computing certifications you can go for.

What are the Requirements?
  • There is no formal prerequisite for this exam. 

Some recommended follow-up points for the CLOUDF Exam are:

Recommended Resources:

Recommended knowledge domain:

  • The principles of Cloud Computing (30%)
  • Using and accessing the Cloud (20%)
  • Security and Compliance (15%)
  • Implementing and managing Cloud Computing (20%)
  • Evaluation of Cloud Computing (15%)
Who is Eligible for this Exam? 

EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Exam magnifies the career track. This certification is intended for professionals who have an interest in applying and managing internet-based services. 

Target Audience:

  • Project Managers
  • Managers
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Business Analysts
  • Cloud Consultants
  • Technical Architects

These workforces may be in Commercial, IT, Finance sectors or Administrators, Service Managers in the IT sector, or Staff of Service Providers.

CLOUDF exam certification gives an illustration of advanced knowledge and skill. If a candidate has the necessary knowledge and skills required for a CLOUDF Exam, they should take it.

After qualifying for this exam, one can get a good job with a more inclusive salary and a good prominence in this industry.

Benefits/Importance of Business Information Management Foundation Certification

Being certified with an EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation is the sought aim for people working in cloud computing management within the organization's setting. You should get this certification to maintain your firm and a long-term career in the Cloud computing domain. After you are certified with CLOUDF Certification, you will be well paid off with your time, money, and potential investment.

Some benefits one can get after being certified with EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation are mentioned below:


  • You will earn Digital Badges. Digital badges are a significant reward point. The EXeed platform holds these badges. You can include this badge in your different social profiles. It helps you bestow your credentials within your network through LinkedIn and other social media. It'll help to showcase your skills & definite professional expertise.
  • After becoming an EXIN Accredited Partner, the company prioritizes you since the company self aims to become an EXIN Accredited Partner.
  • You will be focused more on non-technical aspects like management, structure, people, and processes.
  • You can gain knowledge and practical supervision in the concepts and definitions.
  • You will be able to focus on risks, security, infrastructure, governance, and compliance.
  • With the CLOUDF certification, you can receive and command a higher salary.
  • You can gain control over the supply chain.
  • This credential helps you to develop a business case for moving services to the cloud.
  • You will gain information on the fundamentals and the processes involved in cloud computing. This helps you in implementing acquired skills in your workplace.
  • You can get a fair idea about the risks as well as the benefits involved in the deployment.
  • You will gain the expertise to plan a real-life case and test the service potential.
  • You will learn the cloud technology skills and can implement them in your project.
  • Enjoy better career growth.
  • Certification is the key to the doors of entry into the Cloud Computing Industry.

Facts about EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Certification 

Here are some of the facts about EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Certification:

  • EXIN partners profit from working together with an ISO-certified examination institute. They have over 30 years of experience.
  • Exin Certified Professionals in Cloud Computing has an estimated median salary of $83,803 per annum.
  • There are about 250,000 open IT jobs in the United States. It is reported that about 85% of hiring authorities prefer Exin Certified professionals in Cloud Computing Field.

Certification Syllabus Content

EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation exam includes the following course outline:

  1. The principles of Cloud computing (30%) 

1.1 The candidate understands the concept of Cloud computing (5%) 

The candidate can: 

1.1.1 Explain what Cloud computing is 

1.1.2 Compare the four main Deployment Models for Cloud computing (Private, Public, Community, and Hybrid cloud) 

1.1.3 Describe the three main Service Models for Cloud computing (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS) 

1.2 The candidate knows the evolution toward Cloud computing (10%) 

The candidate can: 

1.2.1 Describe the main concepts from which Cloud computing developed 

1.2.2 Explain the role of network and servers in Cloud computing 

1.2.3 Describe the role of the Internet in Cloud computing 

1.2.4 Explain the role of Virtualization in Cloud computing 

1.2.5 Describe the role of managed services in Cloud computing 

1.3 The candidate understands the Cloud computing architectures (10%) 

The candidate can: 

1.3.1 Explain the difference between a single purpose and multipurpose architecture 

1.3.2 Describe the Service Oriented Architecture 

1.4 The candidate knows the drivers and limitations of Cloud computing (5%) 

The candidate can: 

1.4.1 Identify the main drivers for Cloud computing 

1.4.2 Identify the main limitations of Cloud computing 

  1. Implementing and Managing Cloud computing (20%) 

2.1 The candidate understands the building of a Local Cloud environment (10%) 

The candidate can: 

2.1.1 Describe the main components of a local cloud environment and how they are interconnected 

2.1.2 Describe the use of Virtual Private Network access to a Local Area Network 

2.1.3 Describe the risks of connecting a local cloud network to the public Internet 

2.2 The candidate understands the principles of managing Cloud services (10%) 

The candidate can: 

2.2.1 Describe the use of IT Service Management principles in a Cloud environment 

2.2.2 Explain the management of service levels in a Cloud environment

  1. Using the Cloud (15%) 

3.1 The candidate knows how users can access the Cloud (5%) 

The candidate can: 

3.1.1 Describe how to access Web Applications through a Web Browser 

3.1.2 Describe the Cloud Web Access Architecture 

3.1.3 Describe the use of a Thin Client 

3.1.4 Describe the use of mobile devices in accessing the cloud 

3.2 The candidate understands how Cloud Computing can be used for business processes (5%) 

The candidate can: 

3.2.1 Identify the impact of Cloud computing on the primary processes of an organization 

3.2.2 Describe the role of standard applications in collaboration 

3.3 The candidate understands how Service Providers can use the Cloud (5%) 

The candidate can: 

3.3.1 Explain how using Cloud computing changes the relation between vendors and customers 

3.3.2 Identify benefits and risks of providing Cloud-based services 

  1. Security and Compliance (20%) 

4.1 The candidate understands the security risks of Cloud computing and knows mitigating measures (10%) 

The candidate can: 

4.1.1 Describe the security risks in the cloud 

4.1.2 Describe measures mitigating security risks 

4.2 The candidate understands managing identity and privacy in the Cloud (10%) 

The candidate can: 

4.2.1 Describe the main aspects of Identity management 

4.2.2 Describe privacy and compliance issues and safeguards in Cloud computing 

  1. Evaluation of Cloud computing (15%) 

5.1 The candidate understands the business case for Cloud computing (10%) 

The candidate can: 

5.1.1 Describe the costs and possible savings of Cloud computing 

5.1.2 Describe the main operational and staffing benefits of Cloud computing 

5.2 The candidate understands evaluation of Cloud computing implementations (5%) 

The candidate can: 

5.2.1 Describe the evaluation of performance factors, management requirements, and satisfaction factors 

5.2.2 Describe the evaluation of service providers and their services in Cloud computing

Certification Renewal Policy
Exin Certifications do not expire. So, you can hold EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Certification as a long-lasting credential once you pass the CLOUDF exam. You can hold this certification until a new version of the certification becomes available.
Certification Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

If you want to cancel your exam appointment, you should cancel it before 14 days from your exam registration date. You can cancel the registration at an EXIN Anywhere Examination or an Examination held at an EXIN Examination Location. For exam cancellation, you should contact the EXIN contact service center. You can also cancel at Candidate Portal.

EXIN will refund the examination fees paid by the Candidate as soon as possible but no later than 30 days after the cancellation. Any Discount Vouchers used will not be valid after the cancellation of an examination. If you have used an Examination Voucher to pay for the examination, the voucher will be reactivated or substituted.

If you want to reschedule your exam, you can reschedule your specific exam up to 24 hours before the exam takes place, but you cannot make the appointment. You have to ensure that the new exam date should be within the starting 21 days of the availability period.
Certification Retake Policy

You can re-attempt the exam anytime (even on the same day). You have to directly contact the Accredited Exam Centers. You have to pay the additional fee charged for reviewing your exams. Besides, you can retake your exam the same day, at your Exam Center, or through the EXIN Anywhere Service

How can I Attend the Exam?

You can take the EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation as a proctored exam globally. The exam has a total duration of 1 hour. It consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. You can schedule the CLOUDF exam in the following ways: 

  • For the registration process, you can register for the exam at PearsonVUE.
  • You can also register for an Examination on the EXIN website.  If you have taken an Examination before, you can register via Candidate Portal.

In the case of test centers:

  • You should arrive 15 minutes earlier than your exam time for the identification sign-in process.
  • You will be denied admission and charge due for the examination and delivery fee if you arrive late for more than 15 minutes.
  • You will be checked by the test administrator at the test center while entering the test rooms. This process includes signing log sheets, taking pictures for the test report cards, collecting signatures, checking identity cards, confirming your test, and matching your picture to check if there is any previous exam you have taken.
  • You cannot take any personal items and reference notes.

In case of online proctored exam:

  • You should prepare your testing space
  • You have to prepare your computer and run a system test
  • Now check-in for your exam and start the exam

After you pass your exam, you will receive access to your personal “Candidate Portal”. Here you will have a digital certificate available for downloading. After completion of your exam, you will get your result immediately. Your final result will be mailed in 14 days.

Career Opportunities

Earning EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Certification helps to maintain your career legitimacy. It provides you with numerous work opportunities. After you pass this exam and are certified, you'll get the following work opportunities:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Security Specialist
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Support
  • Cloud Analysts


Salary/ yr

Cloud Architect


Cloud Security Specialist


Cloud Engineer


Cloud Developer


Cloud Support


Cloud Analysts


How to Prepare for the Certification?

Some preparation ways for the EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Exam are:

  • Visit the official website and self-study: You can visit the Exin official website. You will get complete information about the preparation sources, goals, and exam schedule on this site. You can also get insights on the preparation state, qualification, and more details about this certification. You can use this knowledge for self-study preparation plans. 
  • Become familiar with exam objectives: You have to familiarize yourself with all the objectives and course realms of the exam. It is a prime matter to update yourself about all the latest information about the exam. You have to follow the outlines of the exam:
    • Principles of Cloud Computing
    • Using and accessing the Cloud
    • Security and Compliance
    • Implementing and managing Cloud Computing
    • Evaluation of Cloud Computing
  • Exin Resources: EXIN grants you its resources to prepare well for this exam. These resources help you to stay updated with the latest developments in the cloud computing field. These resources are from accredited experts with years of practice. It enhances your learning process. These resources are mentioned in the requirements section above.
  • Practice Test:  Testing yourself with a real test-like experience is needed to complete the preparation. Practice tests are an excellent way to do this. You can review your exam preparation level by attending an online practice test before giving the actual exam. It will assist you in reflecting on your preparedness strategies and will also improve your self-confidence. You can choose ExamPirate for your practice test. It is a leading web-based platform for mock practice tests. ExamPirate is our best recommendation for the EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation certification exam practice test.
  • Group Study: Candidates can join study group classes to learn details about this exam. Group study equips you with a great chance to yield ideas and resources which are more productive.
  • Training Courses: EXIN offers various training courses to its candidates who are willing to take the exam. It will help them to prepare well. It provides course training in three following methods:
    • Training
    • E-Learning
    • Virtual Classroom Training
EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Workbook: This workbook will help you prepare for the EXIN CCF exam. It provides you with a summary of cloud computing. You will also get to know about cloud computing relationships with other areas of information management.