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Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional Certification

The Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) certificate validates that the software professional has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to apply security procedures into each phase of the Software Development Lifecycle. The CSSLP certification was launched in 2008 by the (ISC)². To be certified, you must first be qualified to apply for the exam. If you are eligible and the application is approved, you must be ready for the exam. 

The CSSLP exam consists of 125 questions which must be finished within three hours. The passing grade is to secure 700 out of 1000 points. The certificate must be renewed every three years, and you must obtain 30 CPE each year for three years, i.e. 90 CPE credits. The CPE must be obtained along with paying the annual maintenance fee.

About Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) Certification Exam

The CSSLP exam is computer-based only in locations within Pearson VUE's testing network worldwide. There are a total of 125 questions you have to attempt in the exam. The total time provided to you is 3 hours to finish the 125 questions. To pass, you must achieve at least 70%, i.e. 700 points of 1000 points. After you submit your exam, the points earned in the questions are summed up. It is then compared with the cut score to determine whether you passed or failed. The performance indicator helps you to prepare for the exam again or improve your skills or knowledge.

Your TA will give you an unofficial exam result when you check out of the test center. (ISC)² will email you the official result. There are times when the process can be delayed by approximately six to eight weeks. You can take courses before taking the exam. If you do not pass the exam, you can take it again. The waiting period for the first retake is 30 days. The second and third retakes' waiting period is 90 and 180 days, respectively, from the most recent exam attempt. You can take the re-exam by purchasing the exam center voucher again. You can only take three retakes in 12 months. In case you need to attempt the 4th take, the waiting period becomes 12 months.

Completing the CSSLP course and passing the exam opens doors for many job opportunities:

  • Senior software engineer
  • Director, computing/networking/Information Technology (IT) security
  • Sr. software engineer/developer/programmer
  • Software engineer
  • Security director, computing/networking/Information Technology
  • Principal software engineer
  • Software developer.



Senior software engineer


Director, computing/networking/Information Technology (IT) security


Sr. software engineer/developer/programmer


Software engineer


Security director, computing/networking/Information Technology


Principal software engineer


Software developer


The certificate does have some continuing education requirements. The CSSLP credential is valid for three years. You must earn 30 continuing professional education (CPE) credits every year for CSSLP renewal, i.e. 90 CPE within three years. The annual maintenance fee of CSSLP certification is $100 US. If you are unsuccessful to report the CPE, you will be required to re-take the certification exam again.

The CSSLP certification provides many benefits like:

  • The course provides candidates with top-tier software security knowledge and skills.
  • It provides different methods to follow to keep your software safe and secure.
  • You will be able to secure sensitive and confidential data from security threats.
  • You will be able to produce amazing secure and safer software products.

The Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional exam questions are among the toughest of the (ISC)² exams. Here are some of the objectives of the CSSLP certification exam:

  • (ISC)² certification plays an important role in increasing employee value.
  • IT professionals with (ISC)² certification tend to have higher salaries than those without one.
  • (ISC)² members reportedly have 35% higher salaries than non-members.
  • Their training enhances individual productivity.
  • Industry events and learning materials keep the members up to date on the general market.
  • Their certification gives credibility to the certificate holders.

The CSSLP certification is very useful for software developers and security professionals. CSSLP is more specialized than just cybersecurity knowledge. It also covers security measures during the development of an app. If you are interested in applying the best security practices in each phase of the Software Development Lifecycle, i.e., software design, implementation, and testing and development, it is perfect for you. 

It is for candidates who want to pursue a career in the information security domain. CSSLP is very beneficial for those from programming and software engineering backgrounds. It validates candidates with knowledge and skills in software security to minimize cybersecurity threats. The certification also helps organizations to enhance software security by having applicants with skills and expertise in it.

To get certified, every individual must be able to meet the following criteria first:

  • The candidate must have four years of work experience

If you have four years of paid work experience in Software Development Lifecycle or any one or more of the eight domains, you are eligible to take the exam.


  • The candidate must have an educational four-year degree

Suppose you do not meet the minimum work experience. In that case, you must have a four-year degree in Computer Science or IT related field and three years of work experience in Software Development Lifecycle or any one or more of the eight domains.

  • Candidate can apply for Associate of (ISC)²

Candidates with no experience can apply for Associate of (ISC)² in CSSLP and take the CSSLP exam. You will then be given five years to earn the required four years of work experience.

Along with all other details, here are some quick facts about the CSSLP certification exam:

  • CSSLP Certification was introduced in 2008.
  • It was ranked #1 out of 20 technology certificates that are paying off in higher compensation.
  • There are (ISC)² certified members in more than 160 countries worldwide.
  • The average salary of CSSLP certified professionals is $126,463 in the United States.
  • The certificate must be renewed every three years.
  • You can choose different career paths.
  • It is approved by the US Department of Defense (DoD).

CSSLP  is composed of eight domains, along with their sub-domains. They are:




Secure Software Concepts

Core Concepts



Security Design Principles


Secure Software Requirements

Define Software Security Requirements



Identify and Analyze Compliance Requirements


Identify and Analyze Data Classification Requirements


Identify and Analyze Privacy Requirements


Develop Misuse and Abuse Cases


Develop Security Requirement Traceability Matrix (STRM)


Ensure Security Requirements Flow Down to Suppliers/Providers


Secure Software Architecture and Design

Perform Threat Modeling



Define the Security Architecture


Performing Secure Interface Design


Performing Architectural Risk Assessment


Model Security Properties and Constraints


Model and Classify Data


Evaluate and Select Reusable Secure Design


Perform Security Architecture and Design Review


Define Secure Operational Architecture


Use Secure Architecture and Design Principles, Patterns, and Tools


Secure Software Implementation

Adhere to Relevant Secure Coding Practices



Analyze Code for Security Risks


Implement Security Controls


Address Security Risks


Securely Reuse Third-Party Code or Libraries


Securely Integrate Components


Apply Security During the Build Process


Secure Software Testing

Develop Security Test Cases



Develop Security Testing Strategy and Plan


Verify and Validate Documentation


Identify Undocumented Functionality


Analyze Security Implications of Test Results


Classify and Track Security Errors


Secure Test Data


Perform Verification and Validation Testing


Secure Software Lifecycle Management

Secure Configuration and Version Control



Define Strategy and Roadmap


Manage Security Within a Software Development Methodology


Identify Security Standards and Frameworks


Define and Develop Security Documentation


Develop Security Metrics


Decommission Software


Report Security Status


Incorporate Integrated Risk Management (IRM)


Promote Security Culture in Software Development


Implement Continuous Improvement


Secure Software Deployment, Operations, Maintenance

Perform Operational Risk Analysis



Release Software Securely


Securely Store and Manage Security Data


Ensure Secure Installation


Perform Post-Deployment Security Testing


Obtain Security Approval to Operate


Perform Information Security Continuous Monitoring (ISCM)


Support Incident Response


Perform Patch Management


Perform Vulnerability Management


Runtime Protection


Support Continuity of Operations


Integrate Service Level Objectives (SLO) and Service Level Agreements (SLA)


Secure Software Supply Chain

Implement Software Supply Chain Risk Management



Analyze Security of Third-Party Software


Verify Pedigree and Provenance


Ensure Supplier Security Requirements in the Acquisition Process


Support contractual requirements





Reschedule Policy:

You must contact Pearson VUE at least 24 hours before your exam appointment if you wish to reschedule your exam. For exam reschedules, there is a $50 bill. Rescheduling a test for less than 24 hours is subject to a forfeit examination charge for the same day. Exam fines for no-shows, too, are forfeited.

Cancellation Policy:

You must contact Pearson VUE at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment if you wish to cancel your test. For cancellations, there is a $100 fine. Cancelling an examination less than 24 hours before your appointment or skipping your examination can result in your exam fees being forfeited.

All online testing systems and beyond in-person test administration environments present a degree of risk. (ISC)² is evaluating the online testing systems, but the requirements have not met their satisfaction. All the (ISC)² exams require special planning and approval from the third-parties. (ISC)² explores options to increase exam availability all across the world.

Preparing for an exam can be quite hectic when you don’t know where to start. The results of the exam depend on the initial preparation and revision. We have put together a bunch of tips for you to prepare well for your exam. You can prepare for the exam in the following ways:

  • Tips for taking training courses

Here are some preparation tips to keep in mind as you take training courses:

  • CEH course at CSSLP course at (ISC)² Accredited Training

CSSLP courses are provided at many authorized training centers. You can prepare for the exam by learning from the courses available.

  • Guide

The courses provide high-quality knowledge and skills. They also provide guides to learn and prepare for the exam.

  • Theoretical and Practical knowledge

The courses provided give an amazing combination of theoretical and practical knowledge.

  • Tips for the self-preparation

Here are some preparation tips to keep in mind as you study on your own:

  • Books

You can either buy books or find course material online.

  • Make a schedule

Start preparing early and follow a strict schedule. Break down the chapters to finish studying way before the exam. Finishing early leaves space for revision.

  • Read every chapter

Do not skip any chapter or the specified objective. You must study everything that the objectives have specified. Skipping chapters could result in bad grades and failure.

  • Understand the course material

The course you study now will be a base for your future. Everything you study will be used in real-life situations. So set the objective to understand the material rather than mug up. When you understand the course, passing the test will be easier.

  • Revise all the material

Before taking the exam, make sure to read all the course materials again. It will have you best prepared for the examination as well as real-world experience to come.

  • Take a mock test

Mock exams are a great help as you can test your knowledge, and it gives the feeling of a real test.

CSSLP certification indicates that the practitioner has the experience, abilities, and expertise to apply security procedures in each step of the SDLC. For this qualification, you should try to get accepted. You will do much better when you have a certificate on hand, along with greater integrity in your work. Keeping a credential will make you one step ahead of other people. You have to flaunt your credentials and show everyone in your office a better version of yourself.

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So what are you waiting for? Get this certificate now and boost your career and increase your earning capacity. To clear the exam at one attempt, start practice questions of Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional Certification.