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Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is one of the world's most renowned certifications awarded by the Project Management Institute. CAPM has high demand worldwide. CAPM certification is for those who want to make their career in project management by working in various project teams. CAPM is a valuable entry-level certification designed for people with less project experience or who are interested to work in the project management field. The CAPM Certification demonstrates that the individual has a basic knowledge of project management, terminologies, and processes. This certification enables people to take responsibility and manage big projects. CAPM is not bound to a specific category. A project manager working in any industry whether it is manufacturing, retail, or information technology, can take the CAPM exam. This certification helps to boost your career and also features one of the highest-paying certifications across the world.

Is CAPM Certification right for you?

CAPM certification is best suited for individuals involved in the project management field. As this is an entry-level certification, you can take this exam and be a certified CAPM holder. Since there is no specific requirement for this certification, the door is open for you to start fresh as a beginner. This certification will open an opportunity to get your career started in the project management field. After getting a certification you will be able to run a project and take responsibility. You will be greeted with several job opportunities and this certificate will help boost your resume in the interview.

Target People

The CAPM certification is targeted at Project Managers, Functional Managers, Senior Managers, Team Leaders, Sales Management, Customer Account Representatives, Business Analysts, Project Sponsors, Portfolio Managers, Program Managers, and Instructors.

What are the Requirements for the CAPM Certification Exam?

CAPM is an experienced and knowledge-based certification of PMI, so applicants must meet certain requirements to be able to apply for this certification. To be eligible for the CAPM certification:

  • A professional needs to have at least 1500 hours of project management experience along with a secondary diploma (a high school diploma or global equivalent). 


  • A professional whose highest formal education is a high school degree will require 23 hours of formal project management education. 

Before applying for the certification make sure that you have at least one or all eligibility requirements so that there is no chance of rejection.

Facts about CAPM Certification

CAPM certification was introduced in 2003. The CAPM certification is valid for 5 years only, so one must take the re-exam for recertification. CAPM is a popular and highest paying project management certification in the industry. The CAPM associate earns an average salary of $101,103. However, depending on the industry,  job role, experience, and skill of the candidate, the amount of salary varies. A CAPM certifier having less than one year of experience will earn an annual salary of $45,611. This salary will increase to $77,914 within ten years or even more.

Benefits of CAPM Certification Exam

Certification exams will provide professionals with specialized knowledge and skillsets. Once you pass the CAPM exam, it will grant you many benefits that will help your career.

Benefits of CAPM to individuals:

1. Recognition and Respect

A common consistency benchmark for project management is the Certified Associate in Project Management certification. Industries identify all practitioners with the credential mark that are CAPM-certified. You are going to get recognition from bosses, consumers, and peers. The credential of Certified Associate in Project Management is worth the effort and will help develop your career.

2. Better Career Options

Certified Associate in Project Management certification would boost your job opportunities in the project management field. With this credential, you will obtain results that lead to a better job and a greater salary.

3. Community of Professionals

You can gain connections to a worldwide network of like-minded experts in CAPM. This will help in developing your knowledge and skills.

4. Act as a Platform for Pursuing PMP Certification

After you become a CAMP certifier, you can go for the PMP exam. The exam content is almost the same for both the CAPM and PMP exams. Both exams are based on the PMBOK Guide. So, you can immediately apply for the PMP exam once you become eligible for it.

We have discussed PMP certification in another article. Learn PMP: PMP in detail

5. Understand the Best Project Management Practices

CAPM certification makes professionals get familiar with the best project management skillset practices. It provides professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to plan, execute, monitor, control, and effectively complete the project.

6. Help you Become a Confident Project Lead

CAPM certification also inspires the implant of leadership skills into professionals to lead them in the workplace. It helps the new project manager to learn how to form, manage, and motivate a team in a variety of working environments.

Benefits of CAPM to the organization:

Apart from the above benefits, there are other advantages of CAPM for an organization.   

  • CAPM certified employees provide higher assurance to the employer.
  • CAPM Certification provides employees with professional expertise. These experts perform their responsibility properly in the organization.

CAPM Certification Syllabus Content

The CAPM certification exam is composed of the following topics. They are:





Project Management Processes



Project Integration Management



Project Scope Management



Project Time Management



Project Cost Management



Project Quality Management



Project HR Management



Project Communication Management



Project Risk Management



Project Procurement Management



Project Stakeholder Management




Career Opportunities

In the job market, there is more than one path to build a career and it depends on your experience and expertise. Management plays a critical part in most industries, including small and medium-sized enterprises. Job responsibilities and job requirements vary across employees with a Certified Associate in Project Management certificate.

1. Project Manager

Project managers (PMs) are responsible for preparing, coordinating, and directing an organization's execution of particular tasks, and ensure that the projects are timely, budgetary, and scope-based. Project managers can form the direction of an enterprise by supervising complex projects from start to finish, helping to minimize costs, improve company efficiencies, and raise revenue.

2. Project Engineer

Project engineering relates to the management of engineering and technical tasks, all to achieve a good project result, from team and personnel management to budget and schedule. A project is composed of an interconnected set of tasks or activities carried out by designers, drafters, engineers from one or more fields or departments of engineering.

3. Business Analyst

The primary role of the Business Analyst is to interact with all stakeholders and to obtain, evaluate, and verify the specifications for improvements in business processes, information systems, and policies. In moving an enterprise toward performance, growth, and profitability, a skilled business analyst plays a major role.

4. Project Coordinator

A Project Coordinator is an administrative specialist who supports project managers by communicating risks, opportunities, and current project status with the organization and management of project activities. By organizing meetings, personnel, equipment, and information, they fulfil their obligations. To run the project through on schedule and within budget, Project Coordinators oversee tasks. The responsibilities of Project Coordinators are essential to the performance of an organization because they ensure that projects operate smoothly by managing workflow scheduling activities, reviewing the project's direction, and reporting its status to management and stakeholders.


Salary* ( in USD/yr)

Project Manager


Project Engineer


Business Analyst


Project Coordinator


(* according to glassdoor.com)

Schedule your CAPM Exam

There are two ways to take the CAPM examination. You can either take an online CAPM exam or attend the exam at the test centre. For an online proctored exam, you can sit at home, use your PCs or laptops, and give your exam. For another way, you need to register at Pearson VUE and physically present at the test centre to give the exam. The CAPM certification is valid for 5 years, so you need to take a re-exam for recertification.

Prepare for the Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM) Certification Exam

Passing the CAPM exam can be a big challenge for many candidates. The preparation for the CAPM exam can be very difficult if you are unable to find a reliable source to get quality study material for the exam. Achieving a Certified Associate Project Management certification with the highest score is not a big deal if you gather proper training, practice labs and exams, and the best study materials. There are many methods for passing the CAPM exam. Some tips and tricks for passing the CAPM exam are:

1. Understand the Exam Structure and Content

The first step of CAPM exam preparation is to understand the structure and content of the exam. The exam outline shows how the whole exam will be divided and how much weight each chapter carries. For example, a 12% weight in Project Time Management would be equal to 17 questions around the subject.

2. Prepare a Study Plan and Allocate Regular Time to Study

Once you know the exam structure and content, the next step would be preparing a study plan. While preparing for any exam, it is essential to make a study plan and study accordingly. This will help you to keep motivated and focused. You need to stick to the plan until and unless it is useful for you. While making a routine plan, you need to include what you are studying, how much time to allocate each day, which topic you plan to study, and what study resources you will use. Also, don't forget to point out the important information and make an outline or flashcards while studying for the CAPM exam. Give maximum time to the most important topic. It is also important to consider rest time. While studying, you need to eat a healthy diet and sleep well.

3. Scheduling the Exam Carefully

Though the procedure for CAPM application is not lengthy, candidates need to consider certain things before scheduling for the exam. You must spend a few initial hours getting information about your knowledge level and experience, available study time before scheduling a date for the CAPM exam. Also, be ready to submit the required documents in case of a PMI audit.

4. Read the PMBOK Guide

Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) 6th edition is the latest study guide for the CAPM exam recommended by PMI. Any student preparing for the CAPM exam must read PMBOK at least once. After reviewing the PMBOK study guide, you will get knowledge about all the tools and techniques, inputs, and outputs of all processes. Secondly, you will understand the project management process groups and knowledge areas. Students preparing for the CAPM exam must read the PMBOK to clear the exam.

5. Read CAPM Handbook

After you finish reviewing PMBOK, you can also study extra CAPM handbooks. The CAPM handbook by Rita Mulcahy is one of the best preparation books for CAPM exam preparation. This book is easy to read and includes great sample exam questions for CAPM practice. So, try to read slowly and understand the concept of everything.

6. Take Practice Test 

While preparing for the CAPM  exam, try to practice many mock tests as it will help to build up your confidence level. ExamPirate is the best mock test practice platform for you to prepare for the test. It helps you to understand the real exam environment and also guides you to determine what questions will be asked and how to solve them. Solving mock tests will help you to identify the weak areas and you can concentrate on working on them. The more you take the CAPM practice test, the higher your chance of passing the exam. So, you must take many practice tests from ExamPirate if you want to pass the CAPM exam on your first attempt.

7. Join an Online Forum 

Studying in a group is always more helpful than studying alone. It is the best way of learning. There are many online forums and study groups where people can interact, discuss issues, and ask questions. By joining study groups you can clear the doubts related to the topics. The other candidates will answer your questions and you will be able to understand clearly. There are many benefits of joining a study group, some are mentioned below:

  • It helps you to clear doubts on particular topics and learn faster.
  • You can share your project management experiences with others. Further, you can share your CAPM exam experience in groups.
  • Thus, it helps you to solve some questions in the CAPM exam.

The CAPM exam is challenging and requires more practice and hard work. Hope with these tips you will be a certified CAPM successfully.


Certified Associate Project Management certification is the widely known entry-level project management certification. This certification is for those who have little or no experience in project management and are willing to begin their career in the project management field. CAPM certification is an excellent choice for pursuing a career in project management. Examselect will help you prepare for the CAPM exam in a short period and help you to build a foundational knowledge of project management. So don't miss this golden chance to realize your dream. ExamPirate provides you with important practice questions for Certified Associate Project Management certification.

So what are you waiting for? Get this certificate now and boost your career and increase your earning capacity. To clear the exam at one attempt, start practice questions of Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certification.

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