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aws certified advanced networking - specialty (ans-c00)


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700 out of 1000



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Multiple choice, multiple answers

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Advanced Networking Specialty Certification

Amazon designed the AWS Advanced Networking Specialty certification. This certification is designed for cloud professionals or for those wanting to develop advanced knowledge in AWS networking to progress. For the scope of AWS services, this certificate validates your abilities to design and maintain network architecture.

Advanced Networking Specialty Certification validates your abilities:

  • To design, develop, and deploy cloud-based solutions.
  • To implement key AWS services according to best practices in basic architecture.
  • To design and maintain network architecture.
  • To leverage tools to automate tasks for AWS networking.

Advanced Networking Specialty Certification Exam

The Advanced Networking Specialty certification exam is one of the most esteemed certificate examinations. Advanced Networking Specialty designed this exam for IT practitioners. This exam validates advanced technical expertise and knowledge in the design and deployment of scale-based AWS and hybrid IT network architectures. 

Recommended AWS Knowledge

  • Professional experience using AWS technology 
  • AWS Security best practices 
  • Options for AWS storage and its underlying consistency models
  • The complexities of AWS networking and how they contribute to the incorporation of AWS services

Recommended General IT Knowledge

  • Advanced networking architectures and interconnectivity choices (e.g., IP VPN, MPLS/VPLS)
  • Networking technologies within the OSI model, and how they impact decisions on implementation 
  • Development of automation scripts and tools
  • CIDR and subnetting (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • IPv6 transition challenges
  • Generic solutions such as DDoS protection, WAF, IDS, IPS, and also Economic Denial of Service / Sustainability (DDoS) for network security features.

Certification Syllabus Content

The table below lists the main content domains of the Advanced Networking Specialty certification exam:





Design and Implement the Hybrid IT Network Architectures at Scale



Design and Implement AWS Networks



Automate AWS Tasks



Configure Network Integration with Application Services



Design and Implement for Security and Compliance



Manage, Optimize, and Troubleshoot the Network




Career Opportunities

In the IT market, there is more than one path to build a career and it depends on your experience and expertise. IT plays a critical part in most industries, including small and medium-sized enterprises. Job responsibilities and job requirements vary across employees with an AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty certificate.

1. Data Engineer

Data engineers are responsible for identifying patterns in data sets and designing algorithms to make raw data more valuable to the business. A significant range of technical skills is needed for this IT position, including a deep knowledge of SQL database design and multiple programming languages. Yet computer engineers will require organizational skills to work through divisions to consider what business executives expect from the vast databases of the business to benefit.

To provide better access to a raw computer, data engineers are also responsible for constructing algorithms, but to do this, they need to consider the goals of the organization or user. When dealing with data, it is crucial to have company priorities in line, particularly for businesses that manage vast and complicated datasets and databases.

2. Solutions Architect

Within an organization, a solution architect is responsible for developing one or more software or programs and is usually part of a solution creation team. They must have a balanced combination of technological and business talents, and may also collaborate towards strategic guidance alongside an organization architect. The primary emphasis is on the technical choices being taken about the solution and how they affect the performance of the organization. To incorporate the solution, the rest of the production team will then use the details.

An architect of solutions involves essential people and expertise in the process. In terms of laymen, they are mostly in front of management, attempting to clarify a complicated situation. For various kinds of markets, they have to find ways to communicate the same thing using different terms, and they still need to better grasp the workings of the organization to build a clear image of a functional product.

3. Network Engineer

As network administrators within an organization or between organizations, they will be responsible for setting up, designing, and managing computer networks. They can provide help for consumers, who may be workers, vendors, customers, and suppliers, and address any conflicts that arise. 

Their task is to maintain the integrity of the network infrastructure with a high capacity to provide your customers with optimal efficiency. They may function internally as part of the IT support team of a company, or externally as part of an outsourced IT networking consulting firm operating for a variety of customers.

4. Infrastructure Engineer

The infrastructure Engineer's responsibilities include being responsible for using new technologies to plan, develop, launch, and manage the IT infrastructure. An IT technology engineer guarantees that all IT services support organizations of any scale to work effectively. Often known as an IT Infrastructure Engineer or a Transition Maker, Infrastructure Engineers are Acting with Internet links, cabling, virtualization systems, and storage area networks entail infrastructure engineering. Through their experience, infrastructure engineers ensure the smooth operation of all the structures within an enterprise. Through reviewing all the structures within an infrastructure, a network infrastructure engineer operates on-site or remotely. 


Salary* ( in USD/yr)

Data engineer


Solutions architect


Network engineer


Infrastructure engineer


(* according to and

Schedule your ANS-C00 Exam

You can schedule your ANS-C00 exam by signing in to You will need an AWS account. After logging in click Certification in the top navigation. By logging in to and clicking on Qualification in the top navigation, candidates applying for the AWS Advanced Networking Specialty exam will enroll. Then, you need to press the AWS Qualification Account tab, followed by the Latest Exam Schedule. Applicants have to pick the Advanced Networking Specialty exam there and press either the PSI Schedule or the Pearson VUE Schedule button. Then, you will be redirected to the scheduling page of the examination delivery provider, where you will complete your exam registration.

Domains of the ANS-C00 Certification Exam

Advanced Networking Specialty certification consists of 6 domains. They are:

1. Design and Implement the Hybrid IT Network Architectures at Scale

It covers the implementation of connectivity for hybrid IT. Given a scenario, it will derive an appropriate solution for hybrid IT architecture connectivity. It helps to explain the process of extending connectivity using AWS Direct Connect. It will evaluate design alternatives that leverage AWS Direct Connect. It will define routing policies for hybrid IT architectures.

2. Design and Implement AWS Networks

This applies to the concepts of AWS networking. Given customer requirements, this defines network architectures on AWS. This proposes optimized designs. It is based on the evaluation of an existing implementation. The determination of network requirements for a specialized workload should be completed. It will derive a fitting architecture focused on specifications for clients and applications. Assessing and minimizing expense allocations provided the flow of network architecture and device data.

3. Automate AWS Tasks

This assesses automation alternatives for network deployments within AWS. Also, assesses tool-based alternatives for network operations and management within AWS.

4. Configure Network Integration with Application Services

This explains how to leverage the capabilities of Route 53. This assesses a hybrid IT architecture with DNS solutions. It helps to determine the suitable DHCP configuration inside AWS. Given a scenario, an appropriate load balancing strategy is determined within the AWS ecosystem. Also, a content distribution strategy is determined to optimize for performance. This reconciles the requirements of AWS service with network requirements. 

5. Design and Implement for Security and Compliance 

This covers the evaluation of design requirements for alignment with security and compliance objectives. In pursuit of safety and compliance priorities, it analyzes monitoring strategies. This assesses AWS security features for network traffic control. It will use encryption technology to protect communications on the network 

6. Manage, Optimize, and Troubleshoot the Network

Given a scenario, this domain will help to troubleshoot and resolve a network issue.

Requirements for Advanced Networking Specialty Certification

AWS no longer has prerequisites when it comes to certificates. Without having completed some previous tests, you can hop onto any of the credential tests that you feel comfortable completing. This means that before taking this degree, you can skip the Cloud Practitioner certification or the associate certification. Cloud practitioners are those who supervise the development and deployment of applications on AWS platforms.

However, it is recommended to have an associate degree or cloud professional certification with at least 5 years of expertise in the management of network principles. You should possess an advanced understanding of network architectures, IPv4, Ipv6, and how to build scripts and tools for automation.

Benefits of Advanced Networking Specialty Certification

Certification programs need the investment of time and resources. These investments are difficult to spend. But afterward, it will provide IT professionals with specialized knowledge and skillsets. Once you become Advanced Networking Specialty certified, it will grant you many benefits that will help your career in IT.

Benefits of Advanced Networking Specialty to individuals:

  • Recognition and respect

The Advanced Networking Specialty certification is a standard quality benchmark for IT practitioners globally. IT Companies recognize all Advanced Networking Specialty-certified professionals with the AWS logo. You will get respect from employers, clients, and peers. The Advanced Networking Specialty certification is worth the effort and will help your career expand. 

  • Better career options

Advanced Networking Specialty certification would improve career prospects in the IT sector. Organizations are calling for applications with Advanced Networking Specialty certificates. They are looking for someone who can show sense at work in a more coherent manner. You will achieve outcomes that lead to a better IT career with Advanced Networking Specialty certificates.

  • Digital Badges

Digital Badges showcases your AWS Certification achievements that you have earned. It will display it on your social media and it will email signatures to you. This will allow you to gain quick access to exclusive AWS-sponsored certification events.

  • Exam Discount

You will get access to a 50 percent discount voucher. You can use this voucher to apply for recertification or any other exam.

  • Event Recognition

You will receive invites to regional Appreciation Receptions. You can use your digital badge to get exclusive access to AWS Certification Lounges at AWS. You can invent and select AWS Summit events.

  • AWS Certified Global Community

You will gain access to the AWS Certified community. You will link on LinkedIn and network with your peers. You can gain connections to a worldwide network of like-minded experts.

  • Free Practice Exams

You will get a practice exam voucher. Using this, you can prepare for your next AWS Certification.

  • AWS Certified Store

You will be able to unlock access to various exclusive AWS Certified merchandise.

Benefits of Advanced Networking Specialty to the organization:

Apart from the above benefits, there are other advantages of Advanced Networking Specialty for an organization:

  • Advanced Networking Specialty certified employees provide higher assurance. These employees work for designing and implementing AWS networks.
  • Advanced Networking Specialty certification provides employees with professional expertise. These experts perform their responsibility in the organization.

Exam Policies

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides students with examination policies that help them understand the certification examination terminology and procedures. Basic information, training, and certification details that are required before and after the test are contained in these test policies. They are: 

Exam Retake Policy

Candidates who do not pass or have failed an exam must wait 14 days before they can take the examination again. However, until the test taker has passed, there is no limit on exam attempts. And, for each exam attempt, it is appropriate to pay the entire registration fee. 

Exam Reschedule Policy

AWS allows applicants to postpone or reschedule an exam up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment with no additional fees. However, you must go to your AWS Certification Account to reschedule your exam and press the Manage PSI Exams or Manage Pearson VUE exams button. And if you are scheduled to take a PSI, then press the "View Info" button on the scheduled exam you want to handle, otherwise, you can pick the scheduled exam you want to handle for Pearson VUE. And, you will not be allowed to postpone or reschedule your test after you hit the 24-hour limit.

AWS Recertification Policy 

AWS Certifications have a validity of three years. Thus, to retain AWS Accredited status, candidates have to go through the process of recertification. Recertification allows applicants to improve AWS Advanced Networking Specialty Certifications overall value and to indicate to employers that they have credentials representing the new expertise, skills, and best practices in AWS.

How to Prepare for the Certification?

It's a perfect way to start your AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty journey by taking the ANS-C00 Exam. Here are the top tips for helping you get the best out of the course and pass the exam: 

1. Study Advanced Networking Specialty course syllabus:

Studying is the path to learning about the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty concept. There are several courses for you to learn online. They have all the key material available to understand Advanced Networking Specialty. Either from an educational institution or an online learning site like Udemy, you can study for your exam. You can even learn the course by yourself. 

2. Understand the question:

You should understand all types of questions. While reading the question, several exam takers make an error. It will give you an inaccurate interpretation of the question. This will result in giving the wrong answer to the question. The questions can be confusing and often end up misleading you. So, it is important to understand the entire question. 

3. Time management

During the test, time is a major factor. In the test, a certain number of questions are given. It takes a certain amount of time to solve each question. If you fail to give time to solve a question, it can lead to a poor score or failure. The AWS certification encourages you to plan your schedule and study for the tests more efficiently. You would not be able to comprehend the details without adequate planning. 

4. Think ANS-C00 only

Many people respond based on their present or former organizational practices. This will backfire during the test. Thus, when you take the ANS-C00 exam, learn more about Advanced Networking Specialty techniques and best practices. The purpose of this review is to test your understanding of Advanced Networking Specialty systems, functions, and concepts. 

5. Take your time

You can presume that practicing for weeks on end running up to the ANS-C00 exam is the fastest way to pass, but this is a fallacy. You have to take breaks to get your mind completely off the exam. Or you'll suffer from an excess of information. To keep the mind relaxed, you can do stuff like meditation or yoga. 

6. Practice Questions

You do not underestimate your preparation while you are getting ready to take the exam. One of the first steps is to get to know the essence of ANS-C00 tests. Then you should turn to official research papers and questions for interviews. It will give you a glimpse into what the internal test is like.

Make sure that when you practice ANS-C00 practice tests, you adhere to time limits. This ensures that the final exam will be delivered on time. One of the most important considerations for failing the test is running out of time. This is the reason that you should take tests for preparation. ExamPirate is an ideal choice for you to find practice questions for ANS-C00.


AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty, designed by Amazon, is AWS network certification. This certification is meant for those who want to verify their advanced technical knowledge and expertise in the design and deployment of AWS and hybrid IT network architectures on a scale. Any individuals interested in AWS networking can take the certification. Either an IT professional or a beginner can take benefits from this certification. Having the necessary experience is not to pass the certification exam. You need to practice. So, we recommend you thoroughly prepare yourself for the exam with ExamSelect. ExamPirate provides practice tests for the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty certification.
So what are you waiting for? Get this certificate now and boost your career and increase your earning capacity. To clear the exam at one attempt, start practice questions of AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Certification.

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