Associate - Cloud Infrastructure and Services v.3

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Associate - Cloud Infrastructure and Services v.3

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about Associate - Cloud Infrastructure and Services v.3

Associate - Cloud Infrastructure and Services v.3 Certification Exam

Centred on a reference model of cloud computing, this exam focuses on developing cloud infrastructure. It covers various aspects of the cloud, such as applications, cloud and orchestration services, modern infrastructure (physical, virtual and software-defined infrastructure), business continuity, security, and service management, which are important for constructing cloud infrastructure. This exam focuses on the technologies, materials, processes, and mechanisms for each of these functions. Product examples used in instruction to reinforce technology and principles apply to a small range of questions.

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  • Describe digital transformation, challenges for business and IT, and IT main Tous areas for transformation.
  • Describe important cloud computing reference features architecture, models for operation, and models for implementation.
  • Describe the need for transformation of applications, the features of contemporary applications
  • Describe the roles of cloud service, catalogue, portal, the lifecycle of service, orchestration, and automation
  • Describe an infrastructure that is physical, virtual, software-defined, and options for infrastructure Implementation
  • Describe risks to security and associated security mechanisms
  • Describe the GRC position
  • Describe the availability of the cloud service and fault tolerance mechanisms
  • Describe solutions for data security
  • Describe the portfolio of cloud services and management of operations
  • Describe the main areas of focus for transforming IT