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alfresco content services certified engineer

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about alfresco content services certified engineer


Alfresco is a collection of information management software products developed by Alfresco Software Inc. They are designed for Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems. Their main software product is the Digital Business Platform. It is proprietary & commercially licensed open-source platform. It supports open standards and provides an enterprise scale. Alfresco Software Inc. also provides open-source Community Editions as free. These products have some restrictions in terms of scalability and availability. Alfresco provides three primary products. They are Alfresco Content Services (ACS), Alfresco Process Services (APS), and Alfresco Governance Services (AGS). ACS consists of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). APS consists of Business Process Management (BPM), and AGS consists of Alfresco Record Management provides records management functionality to address information governance requirements.

About ACSCE Exam

Alfresco Certification will equip the candidates with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver and maintain solutions using the Alfresco Digital Business Platform. The current version of the ACSCE-5X exam is based upon Alfresco Content Services 5.2. ACS consists of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). ECM capabilities are a core part of Alfresco's business. It includes a metadata repository and central content. It has a web interface named Share. It includes the ability to define automated business rules and full-text indexing provided using Apache Solr. 

ACSCE exam tests the candidate's ability to work with content management capabilities. The exam contains 60 questions. You have to complete your exam within  75 minutes. You should get a 70% score to pass the ACSCE exam. The exam costs $195. After the exam submission is completed, you will get your exam result immediately. If you pass the ACSCE-5X exam, you will get a completion email with your results, certificate, and logo. And if you fail, you will get an email with exam results and topics you should target for your retake exam. You can see the following question formats in the ACSCE certification exam.

  • Multiple Choice 

Select one option which completes a statement or answers the question.  

  • Multiple Response 

Select multiple options that answer the question or complete a statement. The question will indicate how many responses are required.

  • Scenario 

Select the option that answers the question or statement given the information that has been provided in questions or statements. 

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