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Question No. 1

Consider the log messages from ContactCenterService PU log file ucm-affadapter-pu-1.log:

2018-02-21 11:21:21, 549 [Pool-pool-4-thread-1] INFO AsyncHttpClient
[adapter-pu-1] [M:sendEvent][T:] .Sent request to
[] with
header attributes [{family=OmniCenter, type=CONTACT_ENDED, metadata-ucid=Eke6-qw3S2KNyAKSJny6A, version=1.0)],body [RouteContactEvent [,
wr=PfPEXI4xShmrqt2A8E7eIw,c=Eke6-qw3S2K-NyAKSJny6A,p=OCP ShortMessageService,
ch=ShortMessageService, rrId=f785b56c-364f-4acf-9620-
b723a6ca43c6,routAddr=,wfType=ROUTE_CONTACT_SMS, reason=DEFAULT]]

What is the Work Request ID in the log message?

Choose the correct option from the given list.
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