Pros and Cons of Obtaining CISCO CCNA Certification

Pros and Cons of Obtaining CISCO CCNA Certification
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Cisco Certification


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Dec 24, 2021

CCNA Certification

The first step to prepare for your IT career is CCNA certification. To earn CCNA certification, you can pass one exam covering a broad range of fundamentals for IT careers. It involves the latest networking technologies, software development skills, and job roles.

CCNA gives you the base you need to take your career in any direction. CCNA certification verifies your expertise and experience in the network. It involves network fundamentals and network access.

It covers IP connectivity and IP services. You will learn security fundamentals, automation, and programmability.

Pre-requisites of the certification

There are no formal requirements for CCNA certification. But you should know about the topics before taking the exam.

Yet, you must have the following:

  1. You must have one or more years of experience in implementing and managing Cisco solutions.
  2. Awareness of a simple IP address is important.
  3. You must have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of the network.

If you want to take the CCNA Exam, you must know the pros and cons of the CCNA certification. We have collected some pros and cons of the Cisco CCNA certification, and we have discussed them below: Let us discuss the pros of the CCNA certification.

Pros of CCNA Certification

Pros of Cisco Certification

There are various advantages of the CCNA certification. To start a career in networking, you may earn this credential. You will get value for your time. Passing the ccna examination can be one of the best achievements of your life.

Being a CCNA Accredited gives you access to a range of benefits. Logos, certificates, score reports, digital badges, and credential verification are major benefits.

You can add your badge to your social media accounts, and it will help you showcase your talent. 

Let us discuss some of the benefits of CCNA in detail:

1. Digital badge

The CCNA certification provides you with a digital badge. You can add the badge to your social media accounts and add it to Linkedin, Facebook, etcetera. Employers can check the authority of your badge.

The badge separates you from the crowd. You will have an advantage over your competition. People will believe you. You will not have to explain your skills, and your badge will speak for you. 

2. Build a strong foundation

While preparing for the CCNA exam, you will learn about the concepts of networking. You will learn the latest networking technologies and software development skills, which develops a strong foundation for the concept of network. 

This gives you a comprehensive knowledge of the network fundamentals and network access.

Since you are aware of many networking technologies and network security that opens many job opportunities. It increases your chance of getting a job at the entry-level in the network.

3. Increase your productivity and credibility

After passing the Cisco CCNA certification, you will know the latest networking technologies. You will have software development skills. CCNA certification gives you expertise and experience in the field of networks. 

You will prepare for your exam. The preparation increases your knowledge, and this also builds trust among people and industries.

The Cisco certification helps to increase your capacity in performing different types of work.

4. No prior requirements

There are no prior requirements for the Cisco CCNA certification. A clear understanding of the fundamentals of the network. Is necessary. As mentioned above, there are no requirements for the exam. 

To pass the Cisco exam, get the Cisco training. This will help you gain business intelligence, data engineering, machine learning, cyber security, and many more. This way, you can be capable of being Cisco certified. 

But there is no certification you need to pass to take CCNA certification. CCNA is an entry-level certification. Though you need working experience, you do not need prior certification.

If you are working in a network and want to increase your knowledge, you can take the CCNA exam.

5. Better opportunity

CCNA certification opens the door for various opportunities. CCNA certification ensures growth in a job opportunity, salary, and career. Your knowledge in the field of network increases.

You can show your achievement on your social media. You can have better job opportunities and get a better job role once you get certified.

People can see your digital badge. Digital Badge works as proof of your knowledge. Knowledge is important.

But certification can help you show it to others. You do not need to speak about your knowledge, and your certification will do it for you. 

6. Increasing Demand in the industry

The demand network expert is significant. The examination requires deep learning on the topic, and you will have comprehensive knowledge of the network. The network industry is growing.

Having a good understanding of network fundamentals and network security is important. The network industry is a high-paying industry.  Passing the Cisco ccna certification exams increases your Demand in the IT industry.

The hiring managers will prioritize more once you are Cisco certified. The different cyber security jobs are there to welcome you, not only that you can be a project manager.

The certification training that one has been through helps to get many job roles. Along with these there are more benefits of having cisco certification.

Cons of CCNA Certification

Cons of Cisco certification

Like every coin has two sides, everything has two aspects. Similarly, there are some cons of CCNA certification. The main disadvantage of the CCNA certification is the cost, and CCNA certification is high.

One of the major consequences is time consumption. Passing the certification requires a lot of effort, and the certification also needs periodic renewal. 

Some cons of the certification are discussed below:

1. Cost of the Certification

The cost of the exam certification is high, and it validates your knowledge. You can understand the concepts of the network by yourself.

Getting certification to get the validation might sound weird. This is the era of the internet, and there are millions of people share their knowledge for free. 

You can learn anything without any cost. YouTube is the most popular platform to learn for free. The concepts are deep and are the latest. It might not make sense to spend a lot on certification.

Your skills are more valuable than the certification. People without certification are getting good jobs. So, spending on certification might not be ideal. 

2. Time-consuming

Certification exams consume a lot of time. The exams are not very easy to crack. You need to study for the exam. During the preparation process, you must work hard.

The concepts of the exams take time to understand, and you will need a better understanding of the network. Having good knowledge requires a lot of hard work. The exam process is time-consuming.

You cannot simply pass the CCNA certification. Hard work is necessary. You might also want to take classes for the exam. The classes for the examination are expensive.

So it might not be a good option. Along with these, examiners must have to face practice tests to examine themselves. 

The certification exams are available, which contain the questions related to the topic asked in the exam.

You can also self-study for the exam. The self-study might be difficult, and you will not get the people to discuss with. That is why it might be time-consuming to study at your pace.

3. Need to recertify

This is the era of technology. The technology in the world is evolving, and technology relevant now will not be relevant tomorrow. It is important to recertify the IT certifications timely, and the certification becomes useless after some time. 

The Cisco CCNA certifications require periodic recertification. You must upgrade to a newer version of the certification, and CCNA requires candidates to hold an active credential to access certification advantages. 

The advantages include using CCNA certification logos, certificates, score reports, and digital badges without limitations. You will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the certification without renewal, and the recertification requires the study of the upgraded version. 

It consumes your time to prepare for the exam. The cost of the exam is also not inexpensive.

Being up to date is part of life, which you can do on your own. Renewal consumes a lot of effort, time, and money. Likewise, it takes a lot of preparation.

4. Too many certifications

There are many certifications. The certification has various levels, and people want the new version of the certification. The certification has value according to the level.

It is important to get the highest levels of certification. For that, the requirements include other certifications. Some need you to have experience in a specific field, and you would not want to keep giving the certification exam. 

Exams are not easy to give. It requires a lot of effort and finances. It would help if you always were up to date. But certifications are not necessary.

The certification exams are difficult to crack. CCNA certification is an entry-level certification, and you might need to get other levels of the certification. So, it might be a consequence of the CCNA certification. 

5. Vendor-specific certification

As you know, there are so many vendors. The vendors offer different certifications. Every vendor has its own set of certifications. There is no standard to measure whose certification is better.

The companies run certification according to their need, and they give the knowledge that is relevant in their office. 

It might be the same in many companies. But the point is the technology varies from company to company. It might not be easy to get a job in the company.

In addition, getting a job in a specific technology is not easy. It is important to know there is competition in the market. The certification might not be able to beat the competition. The certification is relevant to a particular brand. This is not a good thing.


In conclusion, Cisco CCNA certification is an entry-level certification. 

Certification of the CCNA verifies your network skills and experience. It includes the fundamentals of networking and network access, and it contains IP networking and IP services. You will learn the basics of security, automation, and programmability. 

There are benefits of the CCNA certification. It helps you to start your career, and you are going to get value for your time.

Being a CCNA Accredited gives you access to a variety of benefits. The pros include Logos, certificates, score reports, digital badges, and credential verification. There are also some disadvantages of the CCNA certification. The CCNA certification is costly, and it consumes time. 

As mentioned above, there are pros and cons of the CCNA certification.

We hope this blog makes you clear about CCNA certification. Therefore, you must get knowledge about the pros and cons of the exam. 

Joe Sharp

I am an Australian IT expert and IT Certification Instructor who is passionate about learning and writing about the newest IT certifications.

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