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Salesforce Admin Certification
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Salesforce Admin Certification


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Dec 24, 2021

The highest form of recognition a Salesforce Administrator can obtain is a Salesforce Admin Certification. It shows competence in the field as well as a dedication to the platform.

Getting a Salesforce certification is tough. You require the experience of working with Salesforce to acquire this certification.

Certification has become very popular among Salesforce professionals. The certification does help in attaining more knowledge and skills. Alongside, it has also increased employability and raised salaries for administrators. 

If you are working with Salesforce and still waiting for a signal to get your certificate, then this is the time. Let’s have a look at Sales Admin Certification to boost your career.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud computing service as a software (SaaS) organization. Generally, it specializes in customer relationship management (CRM). The services of Salesforce allow companies to better communicate with consumers, partners, and potential customers by leveraging cloud technology. 

This software has been the number one for customer achievement and lets companies track customer behaviour, customer market, and many more services. Moreover, Companies use Salesforce to understand their clients, communicate on several levels, and help develop their customer base.

Furthermore, the cloud-based platform enables enterprises to monitor analytics (in real-time), customer success and support, customer reviews, and a range of other CRM features with the ease of storing and accessing the cloud wherever the users are.

Salesforce Admin Certification

The Salesforce Administrator credential is intended for individuals who have Salesforce experience and are actively searching for ways to help their businesses get even more out of additional functionality and capabilities. 

Generally, the exam covers various software, the functionality and functions available to an end-user, and the administrator’s configuration and management options available across the Sales, Operation, and Collaboration Clouds.

To ensure it is adaptive to the ever-evolving Salesforce landscape, Salesforce is continually re-evaluating the form of certifications it provides. 

To find out how to get a Salesforce Admin Certification, your first step should be to determine which one is right for you. The following are the salesforce admin certification that you can choose from.

Salesforce Certified Administrator

The Salesforce Certified Administrator focuses on the aspects and functions used to maintain the implementation of Salesforce. It is intended for those who, as an administrator, have some experience but would not consider themselves an expert. Also, if you are a beginner learn about the best IT certifications for beginners.

Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification Exam comprises 60 multiple-choice questions.  The allotted time to complete the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam is 90 minutes. To pass this certification exam, you have to at least score 65%.

Take a look at the Administration Essentials for New Admins (ADM 201) course for Salesforce Certified Administrator.

Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator

Salesforce Certified, Advanced Administrator certification, is intended for the Salesforce Certified Administrator who has mastered the management of Salesforce configuration.

 Also, It focuses on those who can show an understanding of best practices in administration and can use the advanced features and functionality to solve several business issues.

To summarize, the Salesforce Advanced Administrator holds a 60-question multiple-choice test with a 65 percent pass score, just like the aforementioned standard certification.

The difference is that this exam is much tougher, and the test can only be taken by those who already have a Salesforce Administrator Credential. This exam is reserved for the serious professional Salesforce Managers out there, considering the degree of experience needed to reach the pass mark in this test.

Take a look at the Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins (ADM 211) course for Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator.

Salesforce Admin Certification challenge

Salesforce Admin is vast. It requires continuous hard work to learn Salesforce, but it is not difficult to learn. You have to thoroughly prepare to understand the topics involved in this exam. 

Generally, it takes an average of 4 months to learn Salesforce Admin. Given proper effort and time, you can get quality training and preparation to succeed in this field. There are preparation guides at Trailhead available for both Administrator and Advanced Administrator.

Salesforce Admin recommends that certificate applicants have six months to a year of experience using Salesforce before scheduling the test. It takes 115–125 hours to study for the Salesforce Admin test.

You don’t need any other certifications to become a certified Salesforce Administrator. However, you’ll need to start with your Administrator Certificate if you want to become an Advanced Administrator. The Advanced Administrator test builds upon and deepens the awareness of Salesforce Admin. This gives you a head start to work with Salesforce.

Exam Outline

Salesforce’s following guidelines help to know what the exam would cover and the weighting of each subject in the sense of the test.



Organization setup


User setup


Security and access


Standard and custom objects


Sales and marketing applications


Service and support applications


Activity management and collaboration


Data management




Workflow/process automation


Desktop and mobile administration




Tips to prepare for Salesforce Admin

It’s a perfect way to boost your career by taking the Salesforce Admin Exam. Here are the top tips for helping you get the best out of the course and pass the exam:

Study course syllabus

Studying is the gateway to learn about the concept of Salesforce Admin. There are many courses available for you to study. They have all the core contents necessary for you to understand.

You can either study from a training institution or an online learning portal.  You can also self-study the course.

Understand the question

It would help if you always understood the question. A lot of exam takers make a mistake while reading the question. It will give you a wrong interpretation of the question. This would result in wrong answers. The questions can be tricky and sometimes end up deceiving you. So, it is important to understand the entire question.

Time Management

Time is an important factor during the examination. There are a certain number of questions given in the exam. Each question requires a certain time to solve. If you fail to give time to a question, it will result in a low score or failure. 

The Salesforce Admin encourages you to better schedule the time and prepares for the exams. Without proper preparation, you won’t be able to grasp the knowledge.

Attend Virtual Prep Webinar

As a Salesforce Certified Instructor guides you through some study tips and discusses concepts that you might be struggling with, this will give you an extra boost of confidence. You can get important hands-on details by registering for a free certification prep webinar.

Think Salesforce Admin only

The purpose of this exam is to test your interpretation of the processes, roles, and concepts of Salesforce Admin. Many individuals respond based on their current or previous organizational activities. During the exam, this will backfire. Thus, learn more about the procedures and best practices of Salesforce Admin as you take this exam.

Take your time

You may assume that the quickest way to pass is to prepare for weeks on end leading up to the test, but this is a misconception. To keep your mind absolutely off the test, you have to take breaks. Or you will suffer from knowledge overload. It would help if you did things like meditation or yoga to help your mind calm.

Practice Questions

When you are getting ready to take the test, you should not understate your preparation. Getting to know the form of Salesforce Admin exams is one of the first steps. You can then refer to official research papers and interview questions. This will provide you with an insight into what the real exam is like.

After you finish preparing all the topics, you must go through the practice test questions for the exam experience. You can check your knowledge level through the test. You can check out our website ExamPirate preparation materials. Make sure you stick to time limits while you practice on Salesforce Admin practice tests. 

This means that you can submit the final test on schedule.  Running out of time is one of the most critical factors for failing the exam. This is the reason that you should take practice exams. Thus, we recommend you to practice from ExamPirate as it will help you prepare for the Salesforce exam in a short period.


Salesforce Admin Certification is an esteemed certification in the market. Although it asks for previous experience working with Salesforce to take the exam, it is worth investing in achieving a good job. Even if you have adequate experience to qualify for the exam, it is hard to crack it. 

Thus, Salesforce Admin is an excellent choice for pursuing a career. This will provide you with an amazing skill set and knowledge. Also, it will grant you several benefits for carving a stable career.

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