Best Database Certification: Oracle vs Microsoft

Best Database Certification: Oracle vs Microsoft
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Dec 24, 2021

Oracle vs. Microsoft is the hot topic among database certifications. Are you looking forward to the database certification? Are you confused about what to choose from, Oracle or Microsoft?

If yes, then this blog post might help you to choose from Microsoft or Oracle.

The companies hire database professionals to handle data from worldwide. The demand for data experts is higher in the present context. You can find a comparison of Oracle vs. Microsoft here.

We are here to guide you on what is best for you that belongs to your interest. Instead of wasting your time more, let's begin the blog with what's best for you. 

The different database certification programs, including their work roles, are as follows:

Database Administrator 

  • The role of the Database Administrator is to store and organize the data.

Data Warehousing Specialist

  • The role of a Data Warehousing Specialist is developing ways for data management across an organization within the project.

Data Analyst/ Data Scientist

  • The Data analyst stores and collects data on sales numbers, logistics, linguistics, or other behaviors.
  • The Data Scientist helps by managing and interpreting data and solving complex problems using expert ideas in various data. 

Database Designer/ Data Architect

  • The Database Designer is responsible for defining the detailed database design, including various database elements like tables, store procedures, triggers, indexes, views, etc.
  • The Data Architect's role is to design and visualize enterprise data management framework.

Database Developer

  • The Database Developer works for the performance and security of the databases.

Data Mining/Business Intelligence Specialist

  • Data Mining includes inspecting and analyzing the large blocks of information to make meaningful patterns.
  • The Business Intelligence Specialist's role is to design and implement technology best practices and processes and coordinate with the developers to gather all the design specifications as per client requirements. 

Once you get the database certifications, you will perform database troubleshooting challenges and database solutions. So, if you doubt what database certification to pursue, just follow your passion and ask yourself where I am heading to?

What do I want to achieve? To help you decide either to choose Oracle or Microsoft for your career, we have the following details on Microsoft vs. Oracle. 

Check it out and decide among Oracle vs. Microsoft database certification.

Microsoft Database Certifications

Microsoft is a distinctive competitor in database certification. It offers a wide realm of database certifications. It is well known by all, we all use Microsoft Access once in the Windows Operating System.

This gives an idea of how popular Microsoft databases are. It is easier to get entry-level jobs at Microsoft. 

Many business companies use Microsoft SQL Databases. You can get the job faster whenever you want to change jobs. There is a good hype of the Microsoft Database certification but not as much as the Oracle certifications. 

The Microsoft Database certifications are easier to track and are affordable too. Furthermore, Microsoft offers entry-level, associate-level, and expert-level certification. 


The entry-level certification includes Microsoft Technology Associate for databases.

Associate level

The associate-level certification includes Microsoft Certified Solutions.


The expert level certification has Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert for

  • Database engineers,
  • Analysts, and
  • Administrators.

Database Certifications from Microsoft

Some of the Microsoft Database certifications with the exam cost are listed below:

  • Microsoft SQL Server database certification - $165
  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA): Database Fundamentals SQL Certification - $127
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate - $165
  • DP-300: Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure - $165

Benefits of Microsoft Database Certification

Benefits of Microsoft Database Certification.

It is important to know if Microsoft Database certifications have some advantages or not. We can say that having a Microsoft Database certification is advantageous if you are fixed about your career goals and your position. 

If you are interested in the database certification from Microsoft, you get the following benefits:

  • Gain the digital badge; with the help of a badge, you can show your professional works too.
  • You can be more productive and efficient among your colleagues.
  • You can develop self-confidence and can be hired from entry-level works.
  • The database skills can be validated by the Microsoft certifications, and your values in the job market increase.
  • You get the confidence and the pleasure at the same time of accomplishing something.

Oracle Database Certifications

Oracle is an IT software company focused on selling database software and is regarded as the largest database company in the world. Oracle offers a wide range of database certifications. Their customers are widely using the Oracle database certifications across the world. 

The certifications are worth it, too, because certifications from Oracle fall under one of the best IT certifications for beginners. The exam to acquire the Oracle Database certification could be a valuable asset to develop a career at Oracle Database in IT.

Getting an entry-level job is harder. The oracle products tend to be used more by the big companies and tend to give better pay. There is a high reputation of Oracle database certification in the market.

Oracle includes three levels of certifications, and they are Oracle Database Administrator Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional (OCP), and Oracle Database Administrator Certified Master (OCM).

Database Certifications from Oracle

Some of the best Oracle Database certifications with the exam cost are listed below:

  • Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate - $245 
  • Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional - $245
  • Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL Database Administrator - $245
  • Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate - $245
  • Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 Specialist - $245
  • Oracle Database 10g, 11g, 12c, 12c R2 Administrator Certified Professional - $245 (for individual certifications )
  • Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate - $245
  • Oracle Database PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional - $245
  • Oracle Database 12c SQL- $245

Benefits of Oracle Certification

Benefits of Oracle Database Certification.

If you pass the certification exam, you have formally proven that you are skilled enough to do the job. The Oracle Database certification may prove a bright future for you and strengthen the career step of your career life.

There are so many popular oracle certification exams for beginners. Once you get the certification proving your hands-on experience, your life is set for a lifetime, but you must stay up to date on the certification.

Some of the benefits of Oracle certification are given below:

  • After being qualified for the Oracle Database certification makes you qualified to work in the IT field, which helps you gain a wide range of skill sets and get amazing job opportunities.
  • After being certified and getting hired for the job, you get job satisfaction, and you will give the best performance.
  • With the increase in the productivity level, you can boost the system performance.
  • Your skillset increases for your present role and future role.
  • There is a growing demand for Oracle database certification in the industry.
  • There is better pay, and you can stand out among employers.
  • Within an organization, you as an employee increases your visibility.

Why go for Microsoft Database certification?

The various reasons to go for Microsoft Database certification over Oracle are:

  • If you want to find a job easily, then go for Microsoft database certification.
  • The Microsoft SQL servers will work with the Windows operating system, and the Oracle database might work on the Linux Operating system.
  • If you are at the starting phase of your career as a professional, you can go for a Microsoft SQL certificate. The reason for this is that the certification is pretty affordable and is the same as the existing technology. 

Why go for Oracle Database certification?

The various reasons to go for the Oracle Database certification over Microsoft are: 

  • If you want to have better pay from the job, then go for Oracle database certification.
  • Oracle databases are harder to break in the market. Hence having higher salaries.
  •  But if you want to work at Oracle, you should focus more on oracle. In case you are yet to choose one, choose the certification and get certified. 
  • Oracle serves large organizations together with a widely used database, and you will have a market after you get the certification.


The talented, hard-working, and knowledgeable database workers are always in demand across companies around the globe. However, you should not care about whether or not Oracle certification or Microsoft certification is best for you.

The concepts across the databases are the same. The decision is based on the opportunities available in the market along with the area of interest and revenue growth.

Whatever the experience you have, you can go forward and earn the certification. It is like if you have certification and hands-on experience, that's better. You can get IT jobs with just a certification but make sure about the certification you begin with.  

Eventually, you need to learn and have knowledge of both the Microsoft databases and Oracle databases. If you want to work with Oracle, just go for Oracle Database certification.

And if you want to work for Microsoft, simply go for Microsoft Database certification. In case you want to acquire certification from both companies, you can do that too.

Therefore, Get the exam preparation materials of Oracle and Microsoft Database certifications and get a certification. You can compare the benefits and decide which database certification is best for you, either Microsoft or Oracle. Good Luck.

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