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Background You are continuing your work with the injection molding company for whom you proposed a Scopia® video solution. They have offices in Detroit Michigan USA and Darmstadt Germany, and manufacturing outside of Lisbon, Portugal. They have been using Skype™ from their desktops for video collaboration and have been unhappy with the consistency of the videoconferencing experience. Since you and the account team have cost justified an 'in-house", standalone, videoconferencing solution, the customer's next question is about verifying their network's ability to support videoconferencing.
Current infrastructure
The customer has a CS (Communication Server) 1000 R6.0 solution in their Detroit office, a Siemens HiPath 3000 in their Darmstadt office, and an Avaya-Tenovis Integral 55 at their manufacturing facility. Because of the economy, the two offices were "down-sized" and now each support about 350 users with 20% video enabled. The manufacturing location supports about 140 users with 15% video enabled. They have MPLS service for their WAN with an SLA of 30MBsbetween Darmstadt and Lisbon, 10MBs between Lisbon and Detroit, and 20MBs between Darmstadt and Detroit.
Objective Using an MCU at each location, your video solution allows the customer to be able to offer multiparty videoconferencing from each of the three locations with about five or six parties in a conference. Each location plans to have only two or three videoconferences simultaneously. Since many of the engineers and other employees work from home, your solution allows capacity for 40 of them, per location (120 total), to join and conduct a videoconference without going into the office. As the designer or sales engineer, what combination of evident products would you select to be able to test the readiness of their network to support the proposed videoconferencing solution and the verification of their Service Provider meeting their SLA (service level agreement)?

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