IBM WebSphere MQ V7.0, System Administration

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Question No. 1

An administrator was asked to start an application testapp.exe when the first message arrives on queue TEST.TRIGGER. The administrator runs the following MQSC commands:DEFINE QLOCAL,(TEST.TRIGGER) + PROCESS (TEST.PROCESS) + TRIGGER + INITQ (IMIT.QUEUE) + TRIGDPTH (1) + TRIGMPRI (5) + TRIGTYPE (FIRST)DEFINE PROCESS (TEST.PROCESS) + APLICID (testapp.exe) DEFINE QLOCAL (INIT.QUEUE) The administer then starts the trigger monitor on INIT, QUEU, and puts a message onto TEST.TRIGGER, but notices that the application testapp.exe does not start. What could be the likely cause for testapp.exe not to start? (Choose two.) 

Choose all the correct options from the given list.

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