IBM WebSphere MQ V7.0, System Administration

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Question No. 1

An administrator creates the following MQ objects on two queue managers, QM1 and QM2. An application connects to QM1 and puts a message on queue REM.BLUE. Where does the message arrive?On QM1: DEF QL(BLUE) DEF QR(REM.BLUE) RNAME(BLUE) RQMNAME(QM1.ALIAS) XMITQ(QM2) DEF QL(QM2) USAGE(XMITQ) DEF CHL(QM1.TO.QM2) CHLTYPE(SDRTRPTYPE(TCP)+CONNAME('') XMITQ(QM2) DEF CHL(QM2.TO.QM1) CHLTYPE(RCVR) TRPTYPE(TCP) On QM2: DEF QR(QM1.ALIAS) RNAME(' ') RQMNAME(QM1) XMITQ(QM1) DEF QL(QM1) USAGE(XMITQ) DEF CHL(QM2.TO.QM1) CHLTYPE(SDR) TRPTYPE(TCP)+ CON E('')XMITQ(QM1) DEF CHL(QM1.TO.QM2) CHLTYPE(RCVR) TRPTYPE(TCP) DEF QL(BLUE)

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