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Question No. 1

A customer needs to convert S-Series stacked switches to a VLT configuration to maintain port-channels from the customer’s server. The customer’s S-Series stack currently uses IEEE 802.1d. The customer wants to upgrade to a faster converging protocol. The servers that connect to the stack use static port-channels, but the customer wants to be IEEE 802.3ad compliant.

The customer has approved a maintenance window for the weekend to make these changes.
A network engineer has been given the following plan:
- Confirm the timings of the change window with the customer
- Upgrade the firmware of the S-Series switches
- Configure the single-domain VLT peers
- Configure the port-channels down to the customer’s servers
- Utilize all existing cabling to proceed with the plan

Which two pieces of information does the engineer need to proceed? (Choose two.)
Choose the correct option from the given list.
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