avaya equinoxtm solution with avaya aura® collaboration applications support

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Question No. 1

A customer is not able to login to AMM Webpage. The browser displays the error message:
“Service Unavailable”. The customer uses the domain name lab.trn.avaya.com for their Equinox Solution. When the customer analyzed the Catalina log file they found the following log entry when they tried to login.

2017- 04 - 06  12:33:54,093 [http-nio- Error

com.avaya.cas.realm- (SmgrAuthenticator.java : 296 )  Error

javax.naming . CommunicationException : lab . trn . com : 389  [Root

exception is java . net . UnknownHostException : lab . trn . com ]

What can be interpreted from the above log entry to find the resolution? 

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